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  • jgiled jgiled Dec 27, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

    How did LULU do over the holidays ?


    Do we have any idea ?

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    • LULU stores are doing as well as expected.

      As for me, I dont' shop at the stores. I buy LULU stuff online. With free shipping, why deal with the crowd? I'm sure many others feel the same way. Comp stores may take a hit, but their website has MORE merchandise selections to choose from. Hence, LULU online sales are growing very nicely. BTW, I happen to know who LULU uses for the 3PL (third party logistics). They handle all of LULU supply chain...

      Recently, I stumbled upon Athleta store here in Newport Beach. I didn't even know I was in "it" until I was greeted by the rep. Athleta store is HUGE!! It's 3x as much floor space as LULU. I asked where is the mens' section. I was told that wasn't one. OOOPS!! Anyhow, as big as the store is, there were only 3 customers in it. Several hundred feet away, LULU store was selling quite nicely. Bottom line, I think Gap will flunk with the Athleta stores. They don't have the loyal followers like the way LULU does. Nobody likes "me too" concept.

    • Stores in west island, westmount and downtown Montreal were packed. My sister couldn't get into the downtown Vancouver store on boxing day.

    • The Greenwich Avenue; Greenwich, CT store was packed the whole holiday season. I was in there on the 23rd, and was a lot of men buying stuff for their ladies. Generally men don't buy females clothes.

      I also notice all hot housewives prefer Lulu Lemon to pounce around town in. If there is attractive, upper-middle to upper class women in your area look for the Lulu Lemon logo.

    • Is that predictive of how they'll do in 5 years?

      Because that's basically what you are buying when you buy a 40+ PE stock.

      Abercrombie was doing amazingly well 5-8 years ago....

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      • Thewacka:

        It's tough to watch puts collapse simply because of a faux volatility squeeze. But, I am happy to do so. Making plenty of money on the long side right now on real companies with sustainable cash flows, even through what is coming. Gradually taking some of that off the table and redeploying here and the other manipubot stocks.

        Going to LMAO someday when all these folks get their comeuppance for gambling with OPM...

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