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  • manu_le_parisien manu_le_parisien Mar 2, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    How come this is not tanking!!

    I would expect all the retailers to drop today...They went up too much yesterday. I still think LULU closes below $69 today!!

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    • because, I am not covering.

    • You are a loser all note and I was criticised for making a call of 70 at the split. Well I also used to post $300 pre split and that call is still on the table. Growth. Get an understanding of the company's growth trend and the capacity to continue that trend. This stock is a dream for long players who trade and invest. A nightmare for short sellers . I want you shorts to stay in the game though as you have been 50 % of our success. Without you it would find a short term top too fast. Thanks to the shorts but congratulations to the longs. I am thinking a new boat next.

    • Lulu is the best fundamental retail stock in the universe. If i had $10-$11B right now, i would definitely snatch them up. Nike Women cant come close to LULU growth.

      The best thing about lulu is that they own their own supply chain. Never do they ever have to rely on 3rd parties to sell their gears. Lulu will always know what sells and what doesnt sell in realtime. They can make their own forecast demand adjustments and work with their stragetic partners directly. Thereby cutting out them middleman and respond to market demand much faster. Nobody in this retail space can do this.

      Lulu has their own retail stores as well as online store. Their online store could morph into the next baby Amazon! The one two punch!

      If i could write a case study for my mba thesis, this would be it!

    • Because it is the quant/HFT folks playing against the cognitive biases of rational human beings that is creating these bubbles.

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