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  • zorglubisalive zorglubisalive Mar 14, 2013 10:52 PM Flag

    Walked by an empty store in downtown Montreal this evening

    Ok...maybe there was ONE client.
    the fad is over. Lululemon stock doesn't deserve this lofty valuation.

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    • really mr shortie?, I walked by the same store and it was packed

    • Idiots just don't get it ! Hey doorknob, Canadian market has matured, growth is in US, Europe, and China. Go do some homework before posting nonsense here.

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      • We'll see who the idiot is on March 21.
        If the store was empty, it's not a sign of maturity, it's a sign that the fad is over and that women are shopping elsewhere.
        Forget growth in Europe. Have you ever been there? Do you know any Europeans? If you would, you would know that Yoga is NOT a trend there, and that Europeans rarely follow in Americans footsteps when it comes to fashion trends. Actually, it's quite the contrary, they often make fun of those trends. In addition, Europeans are broke, they can't afford 100$ spandex pants.
        As for China, you really think Lululemon will be opening stores over there? There are NO copyright laws in China. The minute Lululemon opens a store, there will a dozen other stores opening next door selling the same merchandise at 1/3 the prize.
        Christine Day, the Lululemon CEO, at least got that right. She got rid of most of her shares over the last year to bagholder retail investors.
        As for the stock, it hasn't gone anywhere over the last year. Why would this trend suddenly change to the upside?
        You should fall out of love with this stock and move to a new idea before you lose your hard-earned money on March 21. If you can't do that, at least buy some puts as a protection.

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      • I was at a mall over the weekend. Three stores that were jammed packed were Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and Lululemon. Heavy traffic in these stores.

    • wanttobeamillionairefromstocks wanttobeamillionairefromstocks Mar 17, 2013 12:49 PM Flag

      empty stores are bad, the fad has ended!

    • Are you investor or trader?
      empty store means ABSOLUTELY nothing for traders.....we are (traders) looking for charts and levels.
      I've been trading LULU for a while now and people like you keep telling for at least couple of months that LULU is going down (since $66 level).
      Well, it just reached over $70.50 and keeps going up.
      Keep shorting - I'll probably buy from you (when price is right).

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      • Keeps going up? the price of the stock is sitting exactly at the same level as the one in march 2012!
        if you were a real trader you would see that there is no volume on the buy side, and you'd realize that the only people buying are shorts covering, because the overall market keeps going up.
        In addition, while the market has been going up, LULU remains in a tight range and doesn't follow the higher trend of the market. That's a true sign of weakness.

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