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  • newpikachu newpikachu May 1, 2013 12:55 AM Flag

    The Pros are Getting Impatient -- Push LULU higher fast!

    The Pros are getting impatient. They want to sell high, and you guys aren't pushing it fast enough.

    Keep money flowing into LULU by any means possible. Reiterate those buy recs! Make public statements dismissing the sheer pants issue. Whitewash all problems and pump like your life depended on it.

    LULU needs to be bought and bought now. You have no idea how many billionaire practitioners of the Greater Fool Theory want to dump this POS at 80, and you guys have the audacity to make them wait!

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    • what is PRO, pls. explain in detail...Thanks in Advance.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • a pro is one of the fabled figures of Wall Street. One way to recognize him is that. he issues buy recs on what he wants to sell higher and sell recs on what he wants to buy lower. Now and then he swoops down with massive buying and selling power that is able to swing prices drastically and separates retail investors from their money when they're least expecting it.

        retail investors means you and me and other posters here on yahoo msg boards. though I have noticed no one calls himself a retail investor on these boards, and the term "retail" is only used a derogatory sense.

        so maybe that's a better way to understand what a pro is. just read yahoo msg boards. 99% of the users here are pros. think twice before you mess with em.

    • Less than a handful of posters show up today. The rest of the regulars, bashers/pumpers have better places to hangout. I gave up and sold my PUTs this morning at $.32. If I did it last Friday I could get over $1.

      This is the end of the story. LULU is prone to the downside in the near term. Some have a deep pocket to push it up.

    • lol They are trying hard believe me. They said UGG boots were a FAD too just 18 months ago, company had revenues increase this 1st quarter over 2010 revenues(and most searched item this past christmas).

      Now they tell you with "authority" that the sheer issue isn;t a problem(funny, the website product reviews tell a much different story). I do not expect to be right about this short for oh, about 10 years, but I will be right. No retailer that has grown so tremendously in such a short period of time should expect the same growth over the next 5 years. Not likely, especially when you charge double the price of other retailers for similar products.

      So its about time, and about really squeezing shorts, which is why when shorting, one has to ask themselves, how long till that growth really slows, and is the valuation so high that the risk of the stock truly doubling on me very slim.

      At this point, that answer is an emphatic yes. Better companies like Ralph Lauren and Limited brands as well as coach with much better earnings and more stable consumer trading at just 3-50% premeium to this overpriced pig. So the odds that this surpasses them are virtually nil. The odds of this going down 50% far outweights this stock going up by 50% by more than 2 to 1 at this point.



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