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  • thwackamole thwackamole May 15, 2013 12:08 AM Flag

    Dennis Wilson thanks you

    Managed to top-tick it so far. 400+k shares sold at 81.30

    That should pay for his house.

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    • How about the 6 million shares he sold in the low $40s pre-split a couple of years back? ... he got shafted there. You idiots are too hung up on insiders selling. Fools, this is trading close to all time highs so the shareholders have also benefited.

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      • Any idea when they usually announce first quarter earnings? They've set the bar so low for both this quarter, next quarter and the year that it should be the perfect set-up for the gaming of the stock that has gone on.

        Like I said with that huge sale that the founder made I would certainly expect they will easily make their guided down numbers on an excuse that could very well be covering up other weakness in the company for all we know.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • He sold another 200k at $81.xx $16mm should pay for a a couple cars for the garage, but won't buy a yacht or a private jet.

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      • He sold another few at 81.2x and a huge (380k) chunk at 81.67. Pretty awesome trading record!

        He's now got enough to buy a low-end jet. Wonder which one he'll pick.

      • $34M + in "automatic sales". Although he magically had no automatic sales for over a year and the last one was when the stock was in the low $70's.

        I wonder if he called off any automatic sales in the past manually.

        It must be nice.

        The Fed pumps up the market and help cause a MOMO rally which, quite honestly compared to other MOMOs LULU is not a crazily priced stock. (See WDAY, NFLX, CRM and always AMZN amongst many others) and somehow the Mr. Wilson's of the world getting richer is helping the economy? I don't think so but the retail money in the MOMOs might be helping on the margin.

        When they suck in Mom and Pop who aren't earning anything on interest rates that's when they'll be set to pull the plug and the Mr. Wilson's of the world will most likely be in cash or puts completing the wealth transfer process.

        That's extreme on my part but let's face it the chances of this financial re-engineering process ending very well don't seem that great.

        I'll be happy if the market doesn't crash but either corrects or just moves sideways for quite some time.

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