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  • DaBeezMeister DaBeezMeister Nov 20, 2001 5:59 PM Flag


    <<That's what Puppy and her "let's sue IBM" gang doesn't understand. The easiest way for IBM to resolve the pension/medical issues would be to simply discontinue them. Since she is no longer an IBMer, she doesn't care if IBM simply discontinues the pension plan (except for the current vested employees for their current vested amounts) and the medical plan. Current IBM employees happen to care and we wish that she'd go away and spend time minding her own business. She most certainly DOES NOT represent me or my opinion.>>

    The class action lawsuit is the cause of a lot of layoffs within IBM, lately. The company is getting rid of people over the age of 40 so that they can minimize the payout if they lose. I have two friends who work for IBM that were laid off within the last three months. Both are bitter against the plaintiffs and the lawyers. They call these the "Kathy Cooper Layoffs". While thousands of hardworking IBM'ers are losing their jobs, a bunch of trial lawyers are preparing to split up a big pot o' money. These are the folks that call IBM management greedy. I wonder if these lawyers will donate the entire settlement to the former employees whose layoffs they caused?

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