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  • IBthinkin IBthinkin Nov 19, 2001 11:36 AM Flag


    I'm not an IBM employee, so I'm unfamiliar with your plan, but I noticed a lot of attention being paid to IBM's pension plan in the past. I read this on the Enron thread about their pension plan. Interesting.

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    • that is the "slam IBM because I didn't prepare for retirement" board ... we should invite them over here ... Puppy is over there now explaining how the IBM corporate travel policies work for personal travel ... i guess she has copies of that contract too ... funny when i call the 800 number it says press 1 for business travel and 2 for personal ... and the negotiated hotel list specifies if an IBM rate is good for business only or personal as well ... the flats dude is spouting off about how much better prices he can get on hotel, air and rental cars ... i have never found a cheaper rental rate from one of the top 3 or 4 companies than that which i get from Hertz via IBM business or pleasure, except perhaps a weekly rate in Florida ... we pay $32-35 per day in every city in the country except for NY metro area ... gimme a break ...

    • There are two boards that retirees visit.

      Http:// (I think)

      Hope this helps.

      You can also ask at the following board

      If you get lost in all these boards.<g>

    • There may be others, but have you seen

    • Where is the Retire Club Board?

      Bill L.

    • First - any credibility you had with many on this board was lost the minute you started advocating on the retiree club board that retirees should join the Alliance/Union... LOL!!!! Retirees have no vote in a Union... what are they going to do - threaten to not stay retired if they don't get their way?? LOL!!

      Second - it never ceases to amaze me how many people on this board (and others) spends so much time and effort worrying about what someone else makes. Try focusing on improving yourself, rather than trying to drag others down. Pulling Lou's, or anyone else's compensation package down is NOT going to increase your retirement package. That is just life.

      Third - on Lou - without him coming in and shaking up things, IBM may have gone under. I remember those days - they were not pleasant. He has been worth a great deal to the company, and the company knew his "price" coming in.

      Fourth - compared to other Execs that actually run smaller companies (like Oracle) - Lou makes peanuts. You know, hamburger flippers think it is rediculous that technical folks make as much as we do - does that suggest that the technical folks lower their compensation to match the local McDonald's minimum wage so that everyone feel's good? Should the owner of the McDonald franchise lower his salary to the same wage that his servers make? Why then should someone that is at the stature of Lou have to lower his salary so that you and others that are not worth as much should feel better - why should they also not make what the market will bear for their services?

      Worry about what YOU do for YOU - and stop expecting others to do for you, and be what you want them to be. In other words - grow up.

    • I did not mention it in that specific post true, but I have mentioned it in others. I am hoping that the executive compensation proposal that we have put forward gets approved and we can vote on it this coming annual shareholders meeting. I agree the executive compensation needs rebalancing. It is out of balance. I think other investors will be interested in that proxy as well. Allowing these executives - like Enron's Ken Lay - to get compensated like they are I believe leads to things like Ken Lay and company did. I think these executive compensation packages cause some of the things we are seeing to occur and is effecting this stock market. The BODs are not stepping up and rebalancing this compensation so the shareholders need to. In fact, where was the BOD in Enron case. Having a TEA Party????

    • From 1959 to 1989 the annualized rate of OLA's for Retiree's was three (3%) percent. If you had been a manager in IBM you would have had the numbers at your finger tips because Perdsonnel provided this information to you to give to employees who where thinking about retiring.

    • Some of you points are valid, one that you failed to mention is executive compensation. What did Akers make?, what where his options?.

      My point is simple, Gerstner has "earned" more money and options in his short term tham all other CEO combined in the history of IBM. He has seen no more inflation than the rest of us, so why should he be making 10,000 time the amount of the average worker?

      Only one answer in my opinion, GREED!

    • I agree - right back at you!! Cheers!

    • Ahem... there are many of us who are very happy now too. In fact - VERY HAPPY. You make it sound like if you weren't with IBM 10 years ago, you aren't happy. Well, many of us have worked for those "greener pastures" and IBM is still the best in town... (and many of my long time IBM buddies that have worked for the "old" and "new" IBM are happy with both.

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