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  • ladylavendar2002 ladylavendar2002 May 29, 2002 10:21 AM Flag


    I heard from a good source today is the day. Palmisano as CEO two months will match what Gerstner did back in 1993.
    Good news for stockholders because IBM has too much cost overhead.

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    • It never ceases to amaze me the unlimited capacity people like you have to endure the pain of others.

      My sincerest best wishes to the people at IBM just trying to earn a living.

    • Coming from someone who was too stupid to retire - but rather quit... your comments don't mean much.

      The two options being given have been more than what most companies give, and have been very generous. Those who have been unfortunate to lose their jobs that I KNOW have been saddened by leaving, but have said the offers are fair.

      Perhaps because you are an ugly, overweight, angry, has-been, you are attracting the ones that haven't figured out how to read through their plans to know what they say. Of course - your Union Stance has become stronger and stronger which is why you lost the support of the many of us that may have listened to you at one time about benefits. Heil Hitler Puppy Play... have these folks that have called you thanked you for your role in helping them lose their jobs in the first place? You should be patting yourself on the back - the more you work to drive down the value of this Stock - the more jobs you will cost.

      So - investors and employees - make sure you thank Puppy for helping to work so hard to make you lose your job! She did such a wonderful job and she has been popping in and out of this board with glee now that you are fired!

    • -->> Guess IBM wasn't so mean after all. There is a retirement option A and a retirement option B. It won't fit everyone, but then no option does.

      Look at your calendar, Tally. It is now 2002. Anyone being laid off this year who was within 5 years of retirement in 1996 doesn't need a bridge.

      I'm glad Retirement option B makes you feel like IBM isn't mean -- it doesn't do diddly squat for anyone else.


    • It cracks me up how you make up the rules as you go along, spew it out as fact and with a straight face!

      What spin!

      I don't care what YOU call it.

      Medical, pension, vacation time, hours worked, severance packages, or just 'benefits'; it is all achievable with a contract.

    • Doesn't work that way. He who has control controls the people.
      Just remember for every million$ in unlicensed software use is 20 jobs at $50,000.00 a year.

      P.S. Another thing I forgot to tell you about the owner of this company. His children go to private school. He has 4 cars. Porsche, GM suburb, another 2 maybe $60,000 each, as he puts it junks. He has a big big house in New York. A house in the Keys(Florida). Travels like a king. So think while we're investing in stock. Praying we can make a $1 a share, He gets Millions on his return for using unlicense software. Why pay when the ride is free!

      Let me make a recommendation. eliminate IBM unlicensed software investigatory Dept.
      I knew of several companies that were running unlicensed software from various vendors. All their IBM software was unlicensed(est. million$$). There was this one company that ran several IBM operating systems, tele-commuications software and many utlities. I reported that company with options for more. At first I was told don't bother. Then as I sent another letter an alledged senior investigator was assigned to the case. After a few correspondence. I was told they could do nothing about the company's use of IBM's unlicensed software.
      So again, eliminate IBM unlicensed software investigatory Dept!

    • Yes, those numbers are US numbers, not worldwide. Elsewhere in the world, ibmers have unions and better laws to protect them. imho, look for most of the cuts to be in the US, where employees have much less in the way of job protections.

    • That's 9000+ layoffs here in the states, not worldwide. Those 320k employees are worldwide.
      Also one out of three people being layed off in any environment is a big deal. Its a catastrope!

      IMHO this stock will be at 50 by the end of the month!

    • NC seems to be getting hit. 30 out of 98 is not a lot of people. With the abuse of the and executive "don't bother me with problems" syndrome - I am focused on the stock price. Some of these companies are folding not just because of the down turn in the market but because they were SO in debt when the downturn occurred. IBM does not have that problem anyway - and people are not leaving in huges droves. Some layoffs for sure, but when you think about 5-8 thousand against the backdrop of 320,000 that really is a "drop in the bucket". Before someone says something - I wish it was zero and I know it is hard for those effected. Like you said it could be worse and NO PACKAGE offered at all.

    • Well, the article is no longer "free", but here is what they would show me again without charge.
      May 31, 2002 The News & Observer
      Sanmina to close a local plant

      Steve Cannon Staff Writer

      RALEIGH -- Stung by the slowdown in telecommunications sales, electronics manufacturer Sanmina-SCI is closing one of its plants near Research Triangle Park. When Sanmina moved into the 70,000-square-foot space at Globe Center last year, it had 150 workers and expected to double its work force as business increased. Instead, the plant will close by the end of next month. The company said at least 30 of the plant's 98 workers will be transferred to other Sanmina operations in

      [View the full-text article, 503 words]

    • I'll see if I can still get the piece in the paper. Hold on...

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