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  • bocasunandfun bocasunandfun Mar 15, 2004 2:36 PM Flag

    bush is taking care of his oil friends

    before he is booted. No doubt they will take care of this lowlife once he is out of office. bush ruined this country. it would have been nice to see the pilot who took him aboard the ship bailed out letting bush fly it. no doubt he would have crashed as he became a pilot by the skin of his teeth and he is a moron. he has no problem sending someone else's kids to war but he is hid as he is nothing but a lowlife coward.

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    • I started learning it when I was 20 which is a disadvantage you cannot overcome.
      My time in IBM has helped me so of course.
      What are your reasons to be optimistic about IBM ?

    • I too have 30+ with IBM and I agree with you and hope you are right.

    • Your English is pretty good but it still gives you away.

    • Maybe you also happen to be an idiot.

      IBM is going to make your eyes pop in the next 2-3 years. The cash cow of big hardware is still there and growing, and another cash cow in software and consulting is looming as well.

      Have some faith, even if this company no longer is faithful to its employees. Methinks that's what has tainted your view of this company.

    • I know IBM very well as I have worked for the company more than 30 years. I happen to believe that the better times of IBM are over.
      They have not been able to create cash cows like they had them in the past. If the share
      is around 90-100$ with interests as low as they are now and with their PE,I do not see them in the near future go to 120-130$ at which price level they usually make splits which give an extra kick to the stock.
      IBM has a revenue problem since many years and I have not seen it solved but who knows maybe IBM is able to pull of a miracle.
      I am now retired and do not have to worry for these things anymore.
      The company was great to work for 20 years ago but is now driven by "strategic" plans how to make the next two quarters.

    • "When the bubble burst it launched us into a recession. The standard cure for a recession is tax cuts and fiscal spending. Bush did both and we came out of the recession. It's time to cut the spending, but the result of raising taxes back to where they were is less predictable and could hurt the economy."

      Should the tax cut not have gone more to the middle income as they create more demand than
      the high incomes. In addition the tax cuts for
      the middle class was offset by higher local taxes,schooling fees,fuel prices etc. The created demand was very limited and this is why the econmy does not gain steam. In addition a lot of fiscal spending created demand in foreign countries only.

    • No I am not.
      Many people on this board are too immature and would only come up with cheap insults.
      I have worked more than 30 years for IBM.
      Since 9 months I am retired and have hence
      time to spent on investment boards.
      Is your indicated age correct as it would make us almost the same age.

    • "Sorry if my reasoning is not very fluent but English is not my mother-language."

      That explains a lot about your posts. You are from the former USSR aren't you?

    • "No he didn't. Before the internet bubble popped government revenues the Clinton administration was sweating bullets, projecting immense deficits as far into the future that they could project."

      If the surpluses were only due to the bubble and short lived then GW's tax cuts were even more irresponsible as he and his supporters
      claimed that the money belonged to the taxpayers. There was no money that belonged to the taxpayers and they should have known as the economy already showed weakness.
      They betrayed the public in an irresponsible way, did they not ?
      The whole taxcut justification was a hoax.

      Sorry if my reasoning is not very fluent but English is not my mother-language.

    • Look at Israel they are trying to fight terrorits. Did they succeed ?
      The terrorists come from a small country and have a base of 1-2 mio people and still they cannot control them.
      Can you tell me how GW will fight terrorists via dubious wars who have a base of 1.5 bio and are spread over very large territories.
      If we do not win the reasonable moslems to fight on our side it will be impossible to win the war. Iraq was the wrong way doing it.

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