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  • reisen1955 reisen1955 Jul 31, 2007 2:08 PM Flag

    East Fishkill Layoffs

    While driving back to my job today, I considered the economic consequences of East Fishkill personnel. The truth is ugly: IBM is almost the sole high tech employer in these counties (Dutchess and Putnam). The fabled Times Herald Record generally lists NOTHING in the way of tech jobs in these counties and towns, because IBM is a spent force. These workers - Americans now expense units - face a truly horrid future. Where can they go? Not in this area to be sure.

    It's going to be very very hard and why were they fired? Not necessarily deadwood but just because faster,cheaper,better can found found in India.

    That's no damn good reason to lose a job.

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    • I wonder why Japan builds auto's in the USA? Maybe they want Americans to buy the product... Hey Sam, why does IBM outsource US jobs overseas, because Americans are to smart to buy your junk... Hey remember when made in Japan was a joke, now the saying is... made by IBM. HA HA HA

    • As I just posted

      It is called an economic depression. 1929 version.

    • You are quite right about US salaries. I want you, now, to tell me how to convince all of my creditors, and yours, to cut their expenses and financing requirements by a like amount. I am sure my mortgage firm, my credit cards and all the gasoline stations will gladly adjust downward for every single American who just asks to do so. It's Easy.

      It's called an economic Depression. We had one once too.

      Oh, and I hear China makes good dog food too.

    • US Salaries have to be high for the FED's to collect tax $ to Police and Protect the World. Why do you think IBM and other Gobal Corps even exists today. You better start thanking the USA. So when CEO's send another job overseas to save a buck $, it's just one step closer to the end of the USA ecomomy affording to protect their assests.

      Hey Sam, what are you going to do with all your money when the free world isn't free anymore and your bank account is taken from you? Go ahead send another job to china and India. Your not not going to get my kid to fight and die just to protect your ASSets.

    • You are comparing Apple with orange! Both are fruits but have different test and shape! US and Asia are different. Asia can produce good and cheap products by cheap labor! US can produce good products but it will be an expensive because US labors must pay high of their services! If all US residents' salaries cut 50% then we may be fine and will compete with china...

    • are correct! Now you imagine a life style for a 100 million US workers living on 1/3 income and its effect on US GDP numbers (negative!) and then think on great American debt and our hobby of creating wars!!! Man, it is better if we stop thinking about it!!!

    • It is always good to learn to live within your means! But I do not think current Americans can adjust to that easy! I still believe that accepting globalization US politicians have invited a big trouble in near future! Niether Democrates nor Republicans have a plan to help millions of skilled and semi-skilled US workers to live in globalized economy and low wage life style!

    • At one time IBM always loved to have all proprietory technology so IBM can set new tech price! But nowthat is tough and needs lots of spare money to invest. Since last 12 years IBM is collbrating with AIG, Toshiba, Sony and other competitors for the development funds! These competitors are roaming in Yorktown and Almaden labs freely! Actually, these competitors know everything about the IBM future developments!
      On Albany development center Nano Tech lab, I would say it is just PR and waste of tax payers money! Just wait 5 more years and see how much do you get from that! This lab is in use since last 5 years and next 5 to 10 years will give very little return! I do not think IBM has much interests in its future!

    • You have got to be an IBMer. Writing in incomprehensible business speak. I am surprised you are not using foils.

    • If you drag it out long enough, user internal dynamics change and nobody remembers what it is supposed to do. Best outcome often is the frequent A Anderson consulting outcome, the project delivered, paid but unimplemented and just gathers dust. Front line user doesn't care. Shrugs her shoulders and chalks up another one to stupid management... if they want to throw $ away ...

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