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  • alreadyhaveauser alreadyhaveauser Aug 26, 2008 12:06 PM Flag

    IBM R&D: Getting small again...

    IBM makes first steps toward carbon nanotube-based nanophotonic devices
    Big Blue said its researchers achieved this development by combining a single nanotube-based field-effect-transistor with a pair of metallic nano-mirrors on a chip, and controlling optical emission properties from the nanotube, including emission wavelength and distribution of emitted light.
    By Ann Steffora Mutschler, Senior Editor -- Electronic News, 8/25/2008

    Building on its continued work in nanotechnology, IBM Corp said today that scientists in its Yorktown Heights, NY-based facility have integrated and controlled an electrically-driven, nanoscale light emitter based on a single carbon nanotube which they said is an important first-step in the development of nanotube-based integrated electronic and nanophotonic devices.

    WOW, soon we'll be able to equip all sharks with tiny frickin' laser beams attached to their heads!

    Imagine that.

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    • check out how much IBM has poured into R&D the
      past 6 years or so .. it's about time it gets
      pared a little bit. IBM needs continue to push
      what they have through the pipeline and into
      profits now ... later... garce

    • Our schools produce students that rank in the lowest level of the 25 developed countries. (That's after spending considerable more per student) The trouble is the teachers union and administrators are protected by the leftist political establishment and don't require that they answer to any authority for the results. The money certainly isn't going into teacher's salaries. Our schools of higher learning are inhabited with foreign students because they are qualified to understand the math and science. Unfortunately unlike in the past, they are returning to their native countries upon graduation. Given all the other degenerative forces in our country what is reasonable to expect for the future, say 50 years out ? Don't blame this on corporate america, it's the people who vote in the politicians who could do something about it. Most of the ones we are electing, both parties, are encouraging the destructive elements. WW

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      • Wixii, Look like you are a one of the fanatic right wingers, who thinks all the political, social and economic problems are created by the leftists only! Since last 28 years we had ultra right wing presidents for 24 years and more than 12 years of right control on capital hill. But still they could not correct education problems including teachers and professors union!
        I do not think our education quality issues are created by the left or right ideology. It is created by the parents and our leaders. Our society have converted education places into sports clubs. So we produce more base ball, basket ball and foot ball players and fewer scientists.
        Hey do not forget AMA is one of the strong union too!

    • IBM atomic probe gets newly sensitive touch
      By Stephen Shankland, CNET
      Friday, June 12, 2009 12:08 PM

      IBM already had technology that could measure extremely subtle forces among atoms, but a nanotechnology development a the company's Zurich Research Laboratory shows a new level of sensitivity: the ability to distinguish positively charged atoms from those that are neutral or negatively charged.

      Researchers at the Zurich lab, along with colleagues at the University of Regensburg and Utrecht University, used an atomic force microscope (AFM) with a tuning-fork detector arrangement on the tip of its probe to distinguish among gold atoms that were positively charged, neutral, or negatively charged. The researchers describe their approach in the Jun. 12 issue of Science.

      "The AFM with single-electron-charge sensitivity is a powerful tool to explore the charge transfer in molecule complexes, providing us with crucial insights and new physics to what might one day lead to revolutionary computing devices and concepts," said Gerhard Meyer, who is involved in IBM's work with the AFM and its precursor, the scanning tunneling microscope (STM), in a statement.

      Just how sensitive, exactly? IBM says the arrangement can detect a force less than 1 piconewton, which for comparison is the force of gravitational attraction of two adults a half kilometer apart.

      IBM has been steadily advancing its atomic-level research for years, using its technology to detect, move, and now study individual atoms. This nanotechnology research is far from practical today for the holy grail of nanotechnology, mass-producing devices by assembling them atom by atom, but it's a step in that direction.

      The rest here:,39044229,62054983,00.htm

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      • I have always considered IBM "The Tech Co.".. Big deal, we got 14 officers that are raping the stk holders. Check out the insider transactions board. The sad part is Sam P is an IBMer, born and breed. Its hard to believe he is that greedy. Its hard to believe what those officers, are making at the xpense of the stk holders. They are taking a lot of the profits. Hey, after all these yrs. we are getting a little of 2% dividend...If the money those officers are taking, were divided up amounst all stk holders. We could be getting about 5%....Well at least they are rich and happy...And f**k you common stk holders. Congress is try to figure out how to keep the officers of a Co. from raping the stk holders. They will never pull it off...They are f**king with the people, that have all the money...If you got the money. You make the rules...IBM is a great Co. Its just a shame, the officers in charge, ain't much more than a bunch of whores...Sam may not believe it. But, with all the people who have worked for IBM over the yrs. And are pretty proud of it. One of them may decide to put a bullet between his greedy ass eyes. In Aug, is when they issue themselves options at a discounted rate. Just wait to see what they have done to the stk holders this yr. Hey, in their minds it don't cost the stk holders nothing to let the stk go down $30. to $50. so they can reset their options cost in Aug. That is BS...Last yr they borrowed about $30bil to drive the stk up. Well this yr they don't have but $6.5bil to drive it up. I doubt they can drive it back to $130. this yr. But you can play it to go up untill Aug. Then, Wall St, will let you know what they think of this bunch of whores...They are rich hoes. But its at the expense of the stk holders... If you were making $20mil a yr. would you really care what other people thinkkkkk....F**k you common stk holders.

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