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  • bimbo_palin bimbo_palin Feb 3, 2009 4:47 PM Flag

    BARTIROMO is a BIMBO over her head

    CNBC is just a manipulative naked short hedge fund media outlet

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    • I will never forget the opening scene from Something Funny Happened on the Way to the Forum.
      the Roman troops had just conquered a city and
      everyone was running into the city to pillage
      party and debauchery. Zero Mostel stopped dead
      in his tracks and began communicating with a
      beauty leaning over her balcony, one of his
      buddies was coaxing him the get into the city ,
      stating that Zero should forget this one, because
      she could not talk. Zero felt that muteness was
      a tremendous attribute for a husband seeking
      woman to have .... After 19 years of marriage,
      I realize that I did not have his wisdom ...
      later .... garce
      Yes, if Maria had her vocal chords frozen, I
      believe that she would be an interesting escort, .... .g

    • Cramer was very well off long before CNBC aired
      it's first broadcast. He's having fun. Why would
      Mike Blumberg run for and continue hold the
      office of Mayor of NYC ??? Does he need the salary ? A place to live ?? the aggravation of
      that office ???? NO ... Cramer is just having
      fun and also sharing what he had learned during
      his career .... later .... garce

    • I would considering doing her if she doesn't have anything communicable going on.

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