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  • walterknight7860 walterknight7860 Dec 20, 2010 12:52 PM Flag

    Last Trade of the Day on Friday,the 17th at Approx. 4:00p.m.

    It was huge - over two million shares - buy was it a buy or sell? Would appreciate your reply. Thanks in advance.

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    • I know this is not the right message board but the information is very important!
      The definition about Shorting and naked shorting
      "Naked shorting is the process of selling securities short without the intention of borrowing them from a brokerage house.
      In theory a short seller should first borrow the shares, but in practice the sellers frequently sell first and than cover within a number of days without borrowing and any consequences."
      Sorry, but that does NOT work any more!
      Sorry, but that does NOT work any more!
      Sorry, but that does NOT work any more!
      Sorry, but that does NOT work any more!
      The Feds/ the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) have very recently tightened up the rules massively. Now brokers and brokerage houses are being told to stop the practice and to get rid of those naked shorts from their books, with or without notification to their "investors" or their approval.
      The Feds/ the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) want it very strictly enforced - right now! Especially stocks like Corinthian - COCO. Do you understand that? Brokerage houses are being aggressively pushed to sell off naked shorted stocks like COCO very quickly, usually now without any warning at all. No warning at all - do you get it? Too many shares of COCO have been shorted. Massively shorted! The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) found that shorting and naked-shorting certain stocks, has gotten way out of hand, especially with stocks like Corinthian, where over 25 million COCO shares are officially shorted, plus a g'zillion more COCO shares are additionally shorted by many estimates, and they want the
      practiced stopped immediately.
      There were over fourteen million shares of COCO "sold" just on last Friday. It is suspected that millions of those traded Corinthian shares were shorted or "naked shorted", in the attempt to hold down COCO's rising share price.
      COCO shares will probably go alot higher. There could be a huge "COCO short squeeze rally" where too many want to buy COCO shares and alot of short sellers feeling trapped and want to buy COCO shares to escape the short squeeze, plus add to that those "day- traders" who will be buying into any COCO rally, plus COCO stock speculators. Remember, investors it seems, have suddenly "falled in love with COCO" and want to buy COCO shares a whole alot!
      So when COCO shares start their strong rally higher, those who are currently shorting COCO, will have to go into the regular stock market and try to buy-to-cover their short positions, otherwise the brokerage houses will do it for them. Either way it looks like those who shorted Corinthian stock are going to get royally screwed! If COCO shares open 50% higher, those who are holding COCO shorts will have to pay through the nose to buy their way out. If COCO opens at $10.00 per share, in a huge short squeeze rally, well so be it. When COCO starts its strong rally higher, those who bet against the company will be in deep sh-t. The brokerage houses won't carry those 25 million COCO regular shorts plus those g'zillions of additional COCO naked shorts on their books if it could spell loses for themselves. It's too risky, it's too risky, and the Feds are strongly against this abusive shorting practice (i.e.- picking on a small cap company like COCO and "gang-raping it with impunity".)
      Sorry, COCO shorts, but you must be really concerned, you must be "browning in your shorts" and worrying how high COCO shares might go before you get to buy your way out of your disasterous short-selling predicament.

    • It was both.Someone had to sell and someone had to buy.It was quadruple witching day.Shares being redistributed.

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