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  • garceman1 garceman1 Mar 22, 2012 7:48 PM Flag

    How many patents

    are companies like Oracle , MSFT , INTC are mining a bottomless
    pit of patent ???

    again ,, IBM cannot be pigeon-holed as one of a sector
    of companies .... they are sales people utmost ... and go
    where the money is ...

    stayed tuned for ownership(or stewardship) of the Cloud by
    Big Blue .. money will continue to come in faster than it
    can go out .. later .. garce

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    • test me ... i never shilled anything ... i also try to be
      objective on these boards , but do have posts that will
      be one way or there other ..

      i have long felt that when debating , or investing or almost
      anything else for that matter ,one should be able to be both
      supportive and destructive of both sides .....

      i can certainly build a negative case for IBM , but why ??
      i fully understand where the downsides can be , but overall,
      IBM will continue to grow , the next time the market blows
      up, IBM stock will lose it's fair share , then regain it
      and more again .. it's just that the div won't grow much
      and buybacks will continue to suck up a lot of cash ...

      later .... garce

    • a strong ,but normally silent long suit of IBM has long been
      to ditch losers and quickly .. if Texas and SF are not making
      their marks .. good bye .. somebody else will ...

    • On ignore, you know nothing and only identify with Alliance values...a paid shill.

      Please put me on 'IGGY', too! It will really, REALLY make me all pouty and I wills stamp my feetsies in frustration because of meanies like you that hurts my feelings!!!


      Oh, about that light bulb thing,,, ZERO cuz it would involve an actual action instead of the usual empty rhetoric....


    • retired seems like a bitter old man.

      Shareholder value is all I care about with IBM. If you were canned from IBM then I am sorry. You can find another job elsewhere. IBM will continue to go where the growth is, and if that means China, India, Africa...then so be it...

    • On ignore, you know nothing and only identify with shareholder value...a paid shill.

    • Sam is basking .. check the rev growth , earnings , margins,
      acquisitions and such during Sam's tenure ... a large success .. Lou ain't bothered either ... today's IBM is his baby
      that he was finally able to wean off of that old culture
      that was strangling the company ..

      as for T. Watson (both of'em !!) they are quite proud ,
      the company is has grown fabulously since their times ...

      for all of IBM's greatness , however , i am quite certain
      that you will be able to bring it down with your bile ...

      go find some occupy social blog and get them all ginned
      up with your prognosis ...

    • How many came out of the Thomas J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights?

    • IBM has held the most patents for the past 20 years. So, they sell some to Facebook, and make a profit. They will create more patents this year, and the rich get richer...

      Interesting how terms were not disclosed...

      Stick with a winner....IBM!

      • 2 Replies to qofaslave69
      • about 6 or 7 years ago , IBM made the decision to begin
        mining their patent bank for $$$$$$ ...

        historically , IBM either hoarded their patents , or virtually
        gave them away(back in the days of anti trust threats) ...

        sweat source of income , or leverage for partnerships ...

        it's been about 12 years that IBM has led all other companies
        each year.. and by a wide margin ...

        later .. garce

        note ... please know that many of the patents are "junk" ..
        in other words not especially important to proprietary
        processes , but many , especially with materials are absolutely key ...

      • I'm sure big blue's professional team evaluated whether they should keep or sell the patents, and probably made the correct decision. From a retailer perspective like myself, I would have thought IBM should have kept its patents and license them out instead.

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