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  • ghetto_trash ghetto_trash Nov 14, 2012 10:54 AM Flag

    Liberals stood in line to vote for this

    At least I can understand the ignorant and uninformed parasites in the cities voting themselves free stuff, but I never understand the mindset of a liberal. I guess it is true that liberalism is indeed a mental disorder.

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    • when america defied england our revolutionary heroic geniuses created idocuments insuring independence and freedom FROM government,but then an entirely different mentality prevailed. usa became libertarian by constitution and bill of rights, to the point of declaring the RIGHT of citizens to defend themselves AGAINST any real threat of repressive or abusive government taking power from the people.

      but there was always the potential of freedoms taken away through the electoral process. thus came taxation by government with redistribution of cash and benefits to those voting for the particular
      political party bestowing them favors.........eventually granting "free" houses to those deemed needy community development which led to economic collapse as price increases (double, triple digit gains) ensued leading to decree by former pres clinton to be capital gains tax FREE and in insane rush to houses without collateral, the house of taxpayer financed greed collapsed....and guess who was on the hook???

      today "favors" bestowed add up to sixteen trillions of dollars of national debt... so WHO Is todays voter?

      genetics are important here and you see this in states red and blue. and those people years past libertarian and independent in nature are shrinking in numbers. the country has changed dramatically (witness obamacare) with government soon in control of what options are made available in medical treatments. soon this affects research and development of drugs which necessarily must be pricey to make success worthwhile.

      former independent libertarian types wishing mostly to earn and invest for their kids futures and their retirements will be swept into history, change is here via the ballot box and theres no going back....

    • I wonder what Michael Savage is doing now?

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