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  • iamgarce iamgarce Dec 7, 2012 3:56 PM Flag

    Some IBM bigwigs idea to screw fellow employees about 401-K

    what a laugh riot .. the powers that be can get the populous to think in any manner that they so desire ...
    just how does this 401k thing apply to anyone ???? yes , IBM gets to retain $$$ for a few more months
    and allow it to work for them , like banks kiting checks ...

    this changes almost nothing for the employees .. yes , if you get let go prior to 12/15/any year ... you
    don't get the match , but what about someone hired on 12/1 or maybe 12/14 .. they get the match (on
    no dollars .. lol ) ..

    up until the vacation plan was rejiggered in the 90's .. the same thing applied .. get hired on 12/31
    and start off with 2 weeks vacation .. get hired in March and receive 3 days ....

    in the long run , it evens out .. but if you are going to get all lathered up because you might lose a little
    bit of matching dollars (it would only be 1 year's worth at worst) then i feel sorry for you ... your
    vision should be a little borader and a little longer .....

    NOT ONLY THAT .. just look at the posts who are blaming IBM mgmt for this awful thing .. consider
    those levels of mgmt who make these rules ... like the person who is making 200K + and pumping
    thier 401K .. they have a lot more lose with the new plan than anyone posting on this board ..

    it's nit ... get over and move on .....

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