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  • washsale washsale Dec 7, 2012 6:56 PM Flag

    IBM 401K Debacle | Farce | Disaster | Fiasco | Calamity | Incompetence

    92,000 angry US employees, leading most of the company and most of the projects (with GRs)... but we're getting some good new acronyms at least.

    IBM stands for...

    Idiots Become Managers
    Indians Badly Managed

    Anyway, this is a direct #$%$" statement for US employees. How is IBM changing any retirement programs for the rest of the employees across the world... yes, that is the question...

    Post your new acronyms as responses to this post. Fight the power, but at least find the humor in it.

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    • It does seem like all the press releases and TV programs are focusing on employees leaving vs. getting laid off before Dec 15. Why is no one focusing on the fact that IBM schedules huge layoffs, and now they have more power to do it right before Dec 15 to save a buck? This is total #$%$.

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