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      • "BE PREPARED YET!"

        I like it. If Romney had adopted that slogan he may have pulled in a couple of million more votes.

        The Republicans are in retreat. They should bring up for debate a bill to reinstate the Bush tax cuts sub $250k effective 1/1/13. That's all they can do because they have been told the top rates go up. That's all they can do at this point to avoid a stampede. It's justified to avoid a financial crisis.

        I am prepared with 60% cash and I'm afraid to get back in and afraid I'll lose ground on a rally.

        It's a day-by-day decision but my bias is to wait & see what happens. If the Republicans splinter I would expect Obama to get more done to subsidize more jobs for the long term unemployed. Ca and Il and other state and local governments need billions for pension funds. This direction could #$%$ the markets. And it is a pun.

        I got out of IBM 10/18 after Q3 reports from IBM,3M,DOW, and DuPont that all showed EU weakness. I also heard Buffett say he saw weakness in Asia. But I want to be back in Big Blue -- 2008 was tide out for all stocks. I'm still in T & VZ.

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