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  • wellsliq wellsliq Jan 2, 2013 8:37 PM Flag

    Will Jeffrey Lurie hire Watson to find a new coach for the Philadelphia Eagles?

    Eagles are pretenders and not contenders, and Jeffrey Lurie is laughing all the way to the bank.

    It has always been my contention that Lurie has been laughing all the way to the bank since he bought the Eagles.
    He has wanted a team just competitive enough that he can rake in the money. Pretenders rather than contenders. His treatment of players in contract negotiating and the way he turned out players at the end of their careers speaks of the kind of class guy he is. It seems they gave the store away to Vick. Why? He is an entertaining player to watch, but he belongs in the dog pound.

    True he had a few years that they were contenders, but that was just by chance and weakness in the division. Defense carried them many of the years under Reid. He never had the whole package of running and quarterbacking at any one time. They never had more than one runner in their backfield and no backups for their one good runner if they even had that in a given year.

    Being a lifelong Redskins fan and football fan until Joe Gibbs bailed the second time - Jason Campbell was his undoing having to stick with that clout because of Snyder. I have no sympathy for Reid or the Eagles. I will always remember the body bowl game in the fog at the end of a season to go into the playoffs. The Redskins won like 7-0, and were so decimated in that game that they had no chance in the next round of playoffs. I never saw Gibbs have a mean bone in his body, but the first game the next year the Redskins played the Eagles and totally destroyed them injuring so many players on the Eagles that the Eagles were done for the season. That was Buddy Ball. As they say, what goes around comes around. Reid's accomplishments I respect and speak for themselves. Reid brought a touch of class to the Eagles and was the exact opposite of Buddy Ball. Getting McNabb surely helped Reid through all those successful years, a more than adequate QB but short of performance oftentimes in the clutch.

    Under Buddy Ball, it was real simple to deal with Cunningham. The Redskins left him go wild during the season.
    But when it came to a key game or a wild card they stopped him. It was so simple - force him left or force him right, and he was cooked. It was best to force him right. When he went to the left, he could stop and plant his feet and uncork the ball. To the right he could do nothing. Either way it stopped him cold. Besides, he had nowhere to run to. Why the rest of the league never picked up on this is a great mystery. It wasn't rocket science.

    Lurie is trying to make a brave stand, but he is only going to create another pretender rather than contender.
    The Eagles have too many players with short arms. They are Roseman recruits. The Eagles need to find another recruiter, and players with longer arms. RGIII minimizes anything that the Eagles can do for next season. Foles is a work in progress. The Eagles don't have a prayer as long as Lurie is the owner. It would be great for fans to boycott Lurie and the season, but that won't happen. Meanwhile, Lurie is laughing all the way to the bank.

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