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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jan 22, 2013 4:35 PM Flag

    Obama's Predecessor Left Him This HUGE MESS

    He left him massive deficits; out-of-control money-printing at the fed that's de-basing our currency; slow, sluggish economic growth, and no jobs... the "labor participation" rate is near an all-time low.

    Barack Obama's predecessor, was Barack Obama's long, 4-year, "first term".....

    .... and it was clearly a disaster of monumental proportions.

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    • Sustained, high unemployment

      Sustained massive deficits

      50 year low in capital spending in 2012

      Fed printing huge amounts of money

      Corporations sitting on huge amounts of cash

      Companies keeping tons of investment captial overseas due to highest-in-the-world US corporate taxes

      President refuses to cut spending as spending spirals out of control.

      President Obama campaigned on a "balanced approach"... but when he got his new tax revenues on January first (no spending cuts, just taxes) he immediately said he wants MORE taxes in the next budget debate... NO BALANCE AT ALL... just more taxes and bigger government.

      Last september's "labor participation" rate was the lowest in U.S. history... people are simply GIVING UP.

      We were out of our MINDS to have re-elected Obama. He's the worst president in American History...

      Absolutely the WORST.

    • Yes, Obama is a disaster, with a golden tongue. Too bad so much of the public is ignorant. It's true though, he is only siightly worse thand GWB who it's true did a good job of wrecking things before Obama arrived. The public follows politics like religion and most other things, with their emotions and child like faith. It's pretty obvious that the country is being ruined by irresponsible management. WW

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