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  • westonbayer westonbayer Jan 24, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Shouldn't IBM split again?

    Is it time for IBM to do 3:1 or at least 2:1 split again? IBM used to split when it hits about $160 or so. Why not do it any more?

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    • This question has been asked many times over a long period on this board, and the answer is the same. With cheap trading these days and the ability to buy small shares at cheap prices, there really is no real value or benefit for a stock split. Matter of fact, it probably is just an expense. The only reason to do a split is for "perception" purposes. Some people still think a split increases the value of their holdings, but in reality it does not. I do not believe IBM will be announcing a split.

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    • yes but the split this time will be ......... 4 4 1

    • IBM has been splitting often (but not the stock price). They disrespect, insult, and degrade employees by resource actions (i.e. firings), unfair performance assessments (that are driven by financials and fake payouts vs. true employee performance) and regularly scheduled salary reductions. It's sad that this behavior is so short-sighted, holding up the fabricated financials and accounting tricks, and solely focused on the 2015 Road Kill (err, Road Map). Eventually that time will end. When all talent has left or been fired, and IBM truly stands for "Indians Badly Managed"... though the India folks are getting screwed royally too, which is why most leave within 1-2 years after getting pathetically trained, but more importantly, "IBM" can be listed on their resume.

      Here's a thought... happy employees will drive stockholder value... duh! Just wait and see how it all eventually works out.

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