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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Jan 26, 2013 12:08 PM Flag

    Why Is Big Government, Big Deficit, Socialism So Popular In America


    I get that Obama's power comes from the fact that 47 percent of Americans don't pay taxes and 49 percent of American Households have at least one member that receives a government check... both historical records.

    I also get that the top 1 percent of american earners supplied 38 percent of income tax revenues before the recent Obama tax hike and that that will rise to an all-time record 42 percent this year because of the tax hike.

    I get how government beneficiaries completely outnumber government contributors at the ballot box in socialist countries and that that is happening in the U.S. now.

    What I DON'T get is that Americans USED to be able to SEE the horrors of incremental socialism in countless countries that adopted socialism before us and they flatly rejected it. Cuba, Venezuela, etc. have all suffered economic decline over the years and decades as a result of Obama-style policy implementation.

    Why can't America SEE what huge deficits and rampant money printing lead to. Why can't they see that our current 50 year low in capital spending is destroying our industrial base.

    Who ARE you people who love Obama but articulate well enough on this board to illustrate that you should know better than to see him as anything more than an economic disease in human form.

    What would our grandfathers say if they could See Obama's deficits and see how Obama's friend Bernanke is debasing our currency with all this debt-monetization...

    ... they would roll over in their graves for sure.


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    • ben.bergen Jan 30, 2013 4:01 AM Flag

      Agree. Many people aren't aware the mainstream media is pure state-run propaganda pushing socialist agenda. For the true news go to TheBlaze website and TheBlaze on Dish channel 212.

    • Well not putting myself into the category of those you mention (articulate Obama lover) but I need to point out that many of those people may not love Obama, they just dislike the alternative much worse. When you have 2 terrible choices, you pick the one you think will do the least damage. So the question becomes, why do they think Obama is less damaging...perhaps he is not killing off as many of their family members at war, perhaps they are unemployed and need money today, not in the form of jobs years from now. Not saying that Obama is improving their situations, but he gives that impression. Its the independant voters that make the difference in an election and Obama was better at convincing them he would not be as extreme(left or right) as the Republican alternative.

    • Obama has sanctioned the use of propaganda to replace the truth.

    • Fascinating analysis but what has it to do with IBM stock?
      Is the IBM Message Board the only place you can natter on about this?

      Let's talk about IBM, its stock & its future.
      Debating the rights & wrongs of the present economic situation in the US becomes increasingly irrelevant as IBM continues to leave the US and its overpaid US employees behind and seeks profits for its stockholders (admittedly, mostly in the US) from the rest of the world.

      "I" stands for "International" not "American".

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Perhaps what many voters have witnessed and are reacting to during the last 20 years or so, is the immoral explotation of the working class by greeding corrupt business and political leaders, the damaging forever of much of the environment (big oil, mining, uncaring development), silly, religious-based "values" and other, to quote Jindal, "stupid" acts from the right-wing .

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