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  • qofaslave69 qofaslave69 Apr 30, 2013 11:01 AM Flag

    I was Hoping For $1 Dividend...

    But, they are focused on the buyback plan. $11 billion in buybacks...that puts a floor on the stock...

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    • what do want? The stock is at $ 202.50 after earning 'miss', a miss that the analysts made but the stock tanked even though the analysts missed. Its at 202.50. Please appreciate this. These analysts who 'missed' are on vacation down the shore at the beach. What a crazy bunch.

    • IBM is addicted to buybacks ... i'm not a huge fan of such . IBM has spent well over 150 billion on buybacks
      since they 1st started back in 1996 .. however , the outstanding shares have only come down about 50% ,
      should have been much lower .... one positive point , is that IBM has spent every penny authorized for
      buybacks , that's good .. many companies never use up their entire allocations for same.
      I understand that some amount the buybacks are for ESPP and also options for execs and other
      valued employees , also with the share price increasing nicely , the shares make for excellent currency
      to do deals , but the direct benefit to shareholders is somewhat diluted , large div increases can boost the
      stock even more ... i would have preferred about 75% of the allocated amount to buy back shares and rest
      doled out in divs , special divs if the company doesn't have a clear vision to sustain a higher div ... but , alas
      that's not IBM's way ...
      Just like when they sell off a unit .. shareholders get nothing and proceeds go into the till ... garce

    • Not sure why you would think IBM would do something that out of character when they are just sticking to their plan. 10 cents was actually pretty generous, as the last increase was also 10 cents I believe. Just have patience, this was still a nice upside surprise.

    • here's something for your bank ... that ain't never gonna happen with IBM .. their payout is 22% of cash
      flow , give or take a % or two ... you can expect that div to rise yoy , for quite some time , but it's
      only going to stay in line with about 22% of cash flow .... don't look for a special div either .... but you
      can look for sustained share price increases for a long long time ... .garce

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