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  • jand2357 jand2357 Jun 4, 2013 1:19 PM Flag

    IBM and layoffs

    IBM - or any corporation for that matter - does not owe anyone a job. They have the right to hire or fire anyone they want, anywhere in the world, any time - period. Think of IBM as an international corporation that happens to have a headquarters building in Armonk, New York.

    America should be grateful that they employee hundreds of thousands of Americans - most at very generous salary levels. And they add enormous value to the U.S. economy.

    When are Americans going to finally comprehend these simple facts about all corporations - not just IBM?

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    • IBM does employ prolly about 90K us workers. Most of them are involved in sales and support. They are aggressively eliminating non-sales and support personnel in the us and replacing them with overseas resources. Your statement about adding enormous value to the us is an overstatement. They are basically the WALMART of technology - reselling foreign goods and making a profit on it. The company will fail eventually since most of their IP is being laid off for short term profit gains. IBM is living off its legacy and reputation which is slowly eroding.

    • As a former employee, I have to agree. Management rationalizations aside, layoffs- especially the first few rounds are typically used to settle old scores and rid the organization of problem children

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    • stnan Jul 8, 2013 3:18 PM Flag

      Yes, IBM has the legal right to lay off anyone at anytime. However, why don't they start with do-nothing managers? Why does IBM need so many VPs, directors, and GMs? IBM is top heavy.

      No, IBM stock holders should be grateful to American taxpayers for the lucrative contracts that IBM muscles from the US government. We are talking billions of dollars. IBM charges the government $200 per hour on a project, and then turns around and pays Indian or Chinese workers maybe $7 per hour. This is a major scam, and IBM is not the only corporation doing this.

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    • Buck up! The labor force the last ten years has lived the mantra of fake it til you make it. They job hop like never before with absolutely no loyalty. They were taught they were all winners and have been stricken by the Coddling Virus. So they axe some of is what they want.

    • I agree that IBM or any company does not you a job BUT they do owe the employes the same loyalty that they they expect from them.

    • You are mostly right, but consider what recently happened. Just prior to this latest layoff, IBM had moved a bunch of employees to the cloud computing area, but not long after that, they bought a company that specializes in the cloud. Guess what happened to the people they had just moved over there? That's right, they canned them.

      Maybe this is reality, but it is harsh when you consider those people were not all schmucks like you make them out to be.

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      • Absolutely agree. There's no doubt that IBM is brutal and often extremely stupid. They've launched and killed hundreds of businesses over the years, missed dozens of opportunities, and even destroyed companies they spent a fortune acquiring. My point is simply to get people to stop counting on them. When they start chopping they really chop - right down to the bone - and then some. If I worked at IBM I would be urgently and aggressively searching for something else with a very short time frame in mind. Because the company will go on but the ride will be gut wrenching. There is not a single senior staff member who wouldn't push their mother in front of a train for another point of margin. And that's exactly what the shareholders want. If both sides know the game then nobody is at a disadvantage. Employees are weak because they are naive.

    • They also have the right management in place that will drive the stock to new lows. This is truly a great American company.

    • Hundreds of Thousands? About 90,000 in the US now, over 2900 fired recently and the headcount in India is FAR larger than the Americas. Also factor in cost of living in the US as opposed to Bangalore. YOU want to be salary competitive against India? Even below our minimum wage. IBM does not care about adding value to the US economy - again, firing workers sure helps? But they DO CARE about shareholder value very very much. YOU definately do not have a clue.

    • you're right....americans deserve to be fired by American greed-driven corporations so they can continue to pay executive staff ~600% more then general employee population.....and increase this amount by ~60-80% annually......all to satisfy executive greed and that of wallstreet's also ever increasing greed/expectations for earnings (earnings cycle is a gaming joke).....only to put more americans on the street and in their upside down mortgages so the nsa, cia and fbi can spy and #$%$ on them with domestic drones........yes, it all makes perfect sense. yea! let's celebrate!

    • yeah, agreed, corporations have the right to be distinctly un-American..........and are too often.

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