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  • fraudhasnofriends fraudhasnofriends Jun 4, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    IBM and layoffs.. and US corporations

    When will you pro-corporate guys understand corporations may operate in the world but they are not sovereign countries unto themselves even though they like to pretend they are.

    Our armies and navy and marine corp protect their capitalist #$%$ doing business overseas. Who is it that backs them up when they go into Africa, South America, into China? Do you think IBM or Apple or Halliburton has a standing army that ... well maybe Halliburton does and we pay for it.

    Corporations should be grateful they have a country to operate from as great as the US is, and they should stand by and volunteer to uphold it in time of need. Do you really think IBM could have become what it is if it were founded in the Cayman Islands?

    If a US corporation wants to sell in America and be protected by Americans they do owe a great deal to this country. Otherwise they're no better than offshore bandits like drug smugglers running goods into the country, selling their dope and moving their profits to Columbia.

    I am damn tired of this corporate elitism that says corporations can go anywhere and do anything so long as they can put the squeeze on a local government to sanction it. They want to play hardball? Fine, lets play hardball back. Take back every original government sponsored intellectual property given to corporations. Take back the off shore hidden funds they've been illegally keeping from their fellow citizens. Take back property made for cheap leases and promises of jobs that never materialize.

    Most corporations don't care any more about this country than making a killing off government contracts, lobbying to not pay their fair share of taxes, and screwing their employees by manufacturing overseas.

    I like IBM, I know a lot of the old timers who started the company. They would be embarrassed to see how an attitude of greed and avoiding the common man as infected a world of 1% elitist money grabbers at the top. IBM does a better job than most.

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