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  • zer0t0l zer0t0l Jun 13, 2013 10:30 PM Flag

    Layoffs only mean they're reballancing.

    IBM does minimum manufacturing so why not a layoff? Place these people elsewhere if they're interested in working.

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    • The company has a right to choose its employees.
      The shareholders own the company.

    • final count for me is 6 "thumbs up" and a RECORD 16 "thumbs down" cumulative on this thread alone. I doubt anyone ever came close to this . If a poster is IGNORED, they cannot accumulate a thumbs down count at the rate that I did.

    • Only the government keeps hiring dead wood to expand its reach into the private lives of its citizens, coercing, extorting and oppressing them to fund their extravagant greed and overreacch for power. The private sector, in most instances, keeps its eyes on the company's position in the market place and continually strives to improve its performance over time. Companies should not be repositories for unproductive workers or manufacturers of obsolete machines.

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      • Seriously pal, what are you smoking????

      • Unproductive workers, manufacturers of machines? We can toss off your superficial evaluation because you don't seem to have a clue what this company does or what its services are. The hardware and software factions have already spun off a decade ago the vast majority of these services. Most of the present work was labor intensive applications serving internal and commercial clients. They are not so much changing their business profile as much as they are the placement of workforce. They outsourced to China and Brazil as well as Mexico and the Philippines but seeing that this labor is becoming more costly they now outsource to India for far less. When they find they can exploit cheaper labor elsewhere on the planet then they will move their ops there. This is a limited plan.

        Your whole concept of dead wood is so ludicrous you come across as ignorant. Anyone who buys your drivel does so because it is what they want to hear and not what exists. They are purging their workforce of thousands of experienced, loyal and highly intuitive people only because they think they can find the equivalent for substantially less money. Whether they can is much more complex a question then many care to ponder.

    • BTW, I think I have the record for thumbs down. Eight !!! Nobody loves me. I'll hug a tree.

    • Yes, they've been laying of so long, it looks like they're perpetually balancing, to keep the deadweight drones in the top-heavy management around the hive's queen bee in a fixed ratio to the worker bee underlings

    • Software engineers. Developers. Research staff. And they are not being placed elsewhere but simply forced OUT with 30 days notice while IBM is hiring in India, where wage are $4 an hour and IBM can charge clients $250 AN HOUR and make profit. So just saying PLACE THESE PEOPLE ELSEWHERE works only if it is the unemployment line. Or a job at Burger King. And most of them have families so I guess they are interested in working. Idiot.

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      • you just don't get it do you. We here, invest in a company in order to make a profit on our somewhat risky investment. There are no guarantees. Yes we collect a dividend but the dividend is just about average. I NEED for the corporate leaders to make the correct decisions so that The IBM corp. can continue to make profits and increase the bottom line so that the stock price can increase in value and help keep me afloat so that I don't draw from the any of the available government (which YOU pay for), services. Someone or some people losing their job is not my problem or any one else's but maybe yours? I was a long term employee of IBM and lost my job. I'm still here. I'm still alive. I managed. I put food on the table. I paid my mortgage. No one owes anyone a living. Get with it. You have to be multi-faceted today to survive. Get trained in other things. Become a nurse. Mow a lawn. Paint a house. You're a laid off engineer? Sweat some pipes (plumbing for some of you spoiled brats). Do YOU GET IT ???

      • Please, Mr retired-raga-lot, you can't really think that you are in a better position or more qualified to make staff decisions at IBM rather than the actual IBM executives making the personnel RIF decisions?

        I don't think so.It doesn't matter if you don't like what's going on. Your rants don't make sense.


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