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  • gee2888 gee2888 Dec 26, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    Time to melt down

    Below $180 by 12/31, green will fade out later.

    Sentiment: Sell

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    • signifcant_available_cash signifcant_available_cash Dec 26, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

      Quite the opposite. In fact, you should learn and you will learn with more experiance, you lack a bit of that right now.

      IBM is the only DOW component down this year. Tax loss selling is complete and every year since the establishment of the DOW 30 the components that end up down 100% of time rise and end the next year up. IBM tax loss selling is now complete and this rise is buying back shares that were sold previous to the last 30 days. This stock will see $200+ in the first Q of 2014.

      Good luck, learn more!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Soon as this bad boy crosses the $189 mark you can have my shares.

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      • 189 means 239 soon .. why leave ???? a venerable large cap does not dive from 215 to 170 without
        roaring back to new highs (unless of course the thing is actually busted , which is not the case
        with IBM ) .. Big Blue stock always takes a dive at the end of one tech platform before the next
        one makes you rue every share that you ever sold .... historic fact .. check it out ... g

    • Assuming, you have position that would benefit you if it pulls back?? I believe that may be situation with others.. I'm sitting here trying to decide whether to play it to go up or down?? Just remember.. Good chance!! If joe six pack is playing it to go in either direction.. Manipulators with trillions of other peoples money.. And who you are trading against.. Its their sandbox!! Chances are if you have an options position.. They sold them? So if you want it to go down, Lie like they do!! Tell joe six pack, to do different, than you are playing!! There is time to take a position, against manipulators.. Right now ain't no time to be playing it to pull back, enough to make any difference?? BTW: It should be pulling back, right now.. Guess what.. It just keeps going higher!!! Better try to figure out why manipulators will drive it higher or lower??? These stks really have no value.. Its a big ole game, that manipulators, ain't going to lose at!!

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      • BTW: If you ever doubt manipulators can drive a stk up or down? AMZN, has been way over priced since it went over $100. a shr.. Yet they keep driving it higher??? I assume, that's because, joe six pack.. Keeps betting it will go down?? I been wanting to bet it will go down, since it was trading at $180.. But know better... What is a stk worth? That missed earning forecast of Like 5 cents profit last qtr.. And come in with like 5 cents loss?? Yet they keep driving it higher??? But what earnings growth they are """projecting""" for next yr?? Going from like nothing to over $2.50 a shr?? Huge earning growth!!! From a Co. that misses projections, constantly?? BTW: Don't get foolish, and think, you can short it?? Manipulators have done made a fortune driving it up.. Don't be the next one, they bend over!!! Anouther joke, in my opinion.. Is FB?? BTW: How smart am I.. The 2 stks, I think should be going down.. Just keep going higher??? But then again.. We ain't got trillions,of other peoples money, to play with...

    • No Christmas for you...If you have not covered just apply for food stamps every other democrat has.

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      • every other democrat has? try every other neoclown #$%$!

      • What an insult!! I ain't had any kind of position in mkt since late 2011.. And rumor has it that obama, shot down Santa Clause... I sure ain't no democrat.. In mean time.. I sent a check to tdameritrade.. Its in account.. When I wrote check on 12/14/13.. I sent the check to play options on IBM to go up.. Check still, hasn't cleared, to play options.. Better to be lucky than good.. If I could have bought some puts with that money, in last couple of days... Would have already lost most of that money!!! As for food stamps.. Black dude tried to sell me some, at half price?? I wanted to kill him!!! Food stamps should be, to feed kids!!! I had rather be dead, than buying food stamps at half price, so somebody could buy drugs.. While kids, they were meant for.. Going hungry!!! I went hungry as a kid... You can insult me on this msg brd.. Don't you ever insult me like this to my face!!! I would go to your ___!!

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