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  • jrmills0014 jrmills0014 Dec 27, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    Its been up and its been down today!!!

    I think manipulators will have it within 20 cents of $185. at close?? No need to try to figure out what any stk is worth?? They will trade at where manipulators, can make the most money???

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    • My conclusion on stk mkt.. Cos have to do something with retirement funds.. Turn it over to big investment firms.. They buy up all these different stks.. Own like 65% of all stks.. Then regardless.. They can sell calls or puts against all that stk.. Just place your bet?? I figure thats why they about busted the whole world in 07, 08, and first 3 mths of 09? As mkt started dropping.. Didn't matter all that stk, that belonged to others, kept dropping, and world was getting busted!! More joe six pack bet, stks would turn around.. They were covering those bets, for themselves.. And just kept driving mkt lower.. I think John Paulson was first person, to report over $5B in personal income, for a yr?? And that was chicken feed as to what he made with his Paulsons grp holdings?? I had about concluded IBM was oblivious to their manipulating... But with, this nice run up at this time of yr, after it has been unloved for so long!! I don't know what to think??? Actually I think, we better figure out what will make manipulators, drive it up or down???

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