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  • justbeingcareful justbeingcareful Jan 17, 2014 11:41 AM Flag



    You don;t seem to understand arithmetic. You wrote: " 2 investors each invest 5000 per year. Investor 1 starts at 17 and invests until age 29 then never invests again. Investor 2 starts at 29 and invest until 59. Investor 2 will never come close to catching investor 1."

    A fourth grader could spot at least 10 problems:

    1. 12 years x $5K = $60K so interest on $60K for the halted investor must exceed $5K per year - that's 8.3%. But the risk-free rate of return is less than 1%, it's been there for 3 years, and that isn't going to change any time soon.

    2. You're assuming 0% volatility. What if the second investor started in 2009 and the first investor started in 1997 and was out in 2009? So the first investor lived through 2 major market crashes and the second investor began investing at a low point in the market.

    I assume you get the idea but there are at least 10 more serious problems. Are IBM retirees truly this stupid or is this some kind of joke?

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    • w justbe that you sound just like tater.

      Your ID was invented about the time IBM started to recover.

      You probably were so overcome by emotions that you just could't seem to drag out tater in light of the fool he played.

      Is there someone else in there?

      Someone we might not have heard from in a long time?

      I think there is.

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