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  • pctn25y pctn25y May 28, 2014 12:58 PM Flag

    As Veterans Die on VA Waiting Lists, Couch Potatoes Enjoy Their Free ObamaCare


    Of the dozens of scandals and lies coming from this Horrible Presidency...

    ... THIS ONE, is unquestionably the Very Worst out of ALL of them.

    I've Never seen an American government as NAUSEATING as THIS one.

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    • Now, we have Obama Bypassing Congress to trade 5, top, Taliban leaders for 1, military deserter.

      He basically Negotiated with Terrorists, and got ROLLED by them.

      Unbelievable. This is the worst, and most inept president in U.S. History. Hands down.

      Even Diane Feinstein is livid about this.

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      • abc_for_president should be running for president of FOX news.. Thats where you are getting your one sided biased info. Obviously you are too young and immature to even remember the Iran-Contra affair or #$%$ Cheney secret negotiations with Saddam Hussein. Let me educate you a bit on Republican governments dealing with terrorists Or you can come out of you Fox news cave and try entering Iran Contra affair in Wikepedia for an unbiased report.

        Not only did Reagan admin negotiate with Iraninan terrorists in Lebanon for release of american hostages. they supplied them sophisticated weapons and ammo.. The profit from this was supposed to fund another terrorist group in Honduras to wage a guerilla warfare to topple a democratic government there..
        This is a double whammy for you from a Republican administration dealing with two terrorist groups at the same time supplying them arms.. More recently #$%$ Cheney wheeling and dealing with Saddam Hussuein , Fox news off course does not consider that news so I don't blame you for your ..

        This president has brought back a US citizen and soldier.. But I guess loyalty and respect for a human life is far too complicated for you'll to understand.

    • Really ?? thats what Edward snowden also said. He hates the present government so much so that he is now in Russia betraying his country secrets which he was entrusted with..

      The irony is that Repubs ( #$%$ ) like your self have no qualms starting wars but when the time comes to pay for them, all of a sudden it becomes a fiscal responsible issue.. Just look at the last vote in congress on how many Republicans refused to fund the VA program.. Its easy to b(itch) about VA waiting list et all when on the other hand you don't vote to authorize the bill which funds the program..,

      In this case however it has been more of a mismanagement and corruption issue . But blaming the present government.???.. lets see Supervisors and Managers were rewarded with huge bonuses for delaying or refusing appointment to pocket the allotted funds.. Seems more of a culture like an unscrupulous biz ( u know like a Halliburton ) would do to reward the managers for screwing the helpless Vets over again. The first time was to send them in harms way in the first place.

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      • re: GOP voting against additional funding for the V.A.

        You obviously missed the report on how the V.A. is so flush that it's on track to carry $450 million of un-used funds over to 2015 from 2014. They also splurged on almost $4 million of office furnishings on the eve of the govt. shutdown last fall.

        The VA is "mis-managed", moron... not under-funded. The GOP has ALWAYS been much more supportive of an effective VA than the Democrats and socialists like Obama have ever been.

        READ, before you post %#&* like this.

    • The reason that the V.A. hospitals are overwhelmed with patients is the 2 meaningless wars that George Bush started because his boss #$%$ 'Chicken Hawk' Cheney wanted to line the pockets of his buddies at Halliburton. . I guess the V.A. was run so well under Bush Jr. I guess sometimes cutting the budget isn't such a good idea all the time Huh?

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      • So... what you're saying is that Bush's mistakes mean that Obama should make even BIGGER mistakes?

        That's what you are saying. I personally liked the fact that Romney was the only guy in modern history to run the Olympics in the black. Whether you liked his politics or not (he was a moderate republican in most analogies), it is undeniable that he is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Obama in terms of "leadership" ability.

    • Who made the cuts in the budget for the VA? HMMMM?

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      • Read the news, Idiot. Daily Caller reported today that the VA has $450 million of "extra money" that it expects to carry over from 2014 to 2015... SOURCED from the VA itself.

        It went on to report the VA spent $3.5 million in ONE DAY, on "office furniture", the DAY BEFORE the government shutdown last fall.

        The VA is HORRIBLY MIS-MANAGED by the Very Guy who PROMISED to improve it... Barack Obama.

        Instead, he has been lavishing free Obamacare on his supporters, PAID for by all of us Middle Class Americans who are seeing our insurance premiums SKYROCKET.

        pctn25y is absolutely right. "Nauseating" is the best word I too know of to describe the Obama Administration.

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