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  • pamckid pamckid Jun 28, 1999 12:52 PM Flag


    IBM HAS MADE AN ALLIANCE WITH symbol PAMC- the leading on-line provider of healthcare insurance.

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    • its go fore, Sequent @ $18.00 a share. Now gives
      IBM one huge foot hole in not only server, but Unix
      services also.
      Be alert, IBM will be buying more, they
      realize they can't invent everything, so "Buy
      Next target will be Simware, Canada Company, going for
      about 3. 7/8, buy out about $ 6.00.
      Also, talk to
      any postal employee about there new NCR system, try
      to find someone who likes it.
      Forget modems,
      cable is alive and doing very well. Watch Time Warner
      and Cablevision, will be making big moves.
      Have a
      great day, will think of you when I'm enjoying my NY
      hard roll and coffee.

    • on sentence #1 and #2. and your "Major point..",
      The rest is I AGREE WITH YOU ... on Sentence #1 & 2
      and your " Major point...". I'm sorry Univac did not
      work out.

      I say, "NO BARBS", let's agree to did
      agree. Everyone has an opinion. If itis fact, state your
      sources for credibility. Let us all read it and decide
      for ourselves.

      We are all here to make money
      and to learn (I hope). You must do a lot of shifting
      thru the Bull though!

      Has anyone read
      DESIDERATA? "...Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and
      listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they
      too have their story. Avoid loud and agressive
      persons; they are vexations to the spirit".

      post, keep posting, brother!

    • <EOM>

    • individuals on this message board like to take
      you apart.
      Have not solved puzzle yet, but some
      people think that using 4 letter words is the solution
      to the problem. H E L L O, wake up you individuals,
      your just making fools of yourself.
      Tek, if anyone
      reads this post, I know they will not agree, but the
      days/years @ Univac did provide some great hardware/software
      and no Management. To late now, but imagine if Gerry
      Probst was not there and Mr. Kestner was, where we be
      now? To late to cry over spilled milk.
      Major point
      is putting the dollars on stock that will return
      %100 back. Stay in touch, always nice to hear from
      Best Regards

    • you and judging by the spelling versus sound of
      certain words i take it you got the software that types
      for you. yeah i am at still. and enjoying it more.
      nice tech rally in market---pig joins in when dell
      recommended by Goldman Sachs----

      no one going to give
      William the Conqueror Or Empress microsoft hard time.
      especially not the idiot bloated pig. fagettaboutit.

      Ibm settled with doj. not mister softee. he going to
      bury Kleinscum and a.g.'s. They dont have acase. yes
      Jackson will rule against them. but appellate court will
      reverse3-0 like last time. and no appeal to Supreme Ct like
      last time. A lot of hot air. Steve Case on my list
      just below Barksdale. Gerstener in with
      them--smarter---used nscp as stalking horse.

      But the negative
      publicity keeps weak hldrs out of msft. Talk about a cash
      cow!!!!! They have higher margins on making money than the
      U.S. Mint. (40% after full taxes!!!!) The boys from
      java unix and the other run of the mill software
      outfits cant compete. Gates smart . settled in
      Seattle---rainy---260 days out of the year. No distractions. No wonder
      he built his estate in Hawaii!!! heheheheh

      left univac before i vested--only thing i took with me
      was hard-on for the pig. But a lot of the people are
      very nice and i enjoy dueling--also hope i bring some
      useful ideas to the table.

      Yes we always have the
      naysayers. but this industry will eventually produce genuine
      buck rogers' robots. (Or Star Wars--from current
      generation comics).

      Have a wonderful trip in the big
      apple. i going to be there 7/21-26. still have some
      clients. I feel like i get a 3 day pass.


    • AZTC and WRLS.........both worth a look !!

    • Doc FungCool - aka the clown - until IBM drops a
      point or 2 and then he reappears and starts talking
      about 'market crash", "all ships going down" and "this
      pig will die in 2002" and "how much money he and tek
      have made the past several years shorting IBM"

      Have a great one.

    • @ it. Do me a favor, put your old memory hat on,
      remember back years ago when we were at Univac, we had a
      64 Bit (Word( processor that everyone said would
      never work Gee amazing today, hot item in
      Market: IBM will reflect good earnings, above Wall Street
      predications, but not buy much. Will keep low profile and let
      stock go up at even pace. Stock should hit after
      earnings statement around 152-155 after July 20.
      Outsourcing will bring in bring revenue, good old Unisys lost
      Air Force, Post Office and other major contracts, IBM
      will get same with there new processors and
      Look @ Simware "SIMW", will be buy out by IBM. They
      are a software company doing banking software, cash
      management bitg time. With Java, SCO & Unix, IBM will really
      give your favorite a hard time in Operatiing Systems.
      If the Sequent deal goes through, IBM will have one
      major lock on in the market.
      Take care, going up to
      the big apple for some good rye bread and hard
      ps looking @ this board, Univac did do one good
      thing, they did provide have way decent retirement
      benefits to there people.

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