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  • Nemesis981 Nemesis981 Aug 27, 1999 11:54 AM Flag

    NEWSFLASH: Greenspan Methanes!

    (WASHINGTON) Today, after lunching at
    Washington's swank "Beanery" restaurant, Federal Reserve
    Chairman Alan Greenspan let one rip with a loud,
    resounding fart, which was heard halfway down Pennsylvania
    Avenue. The disturbance sent ripples through an already
    beleagured energy market; futures plunged on fuel prices as
    money managers interpreted Greenspan's "comment" to
    indicate a glut of natural gas in the market. In sympathy
    with the futures price drop, Dow Industrials also
    plummeted nearly 35 points, indicating fear among
    investors. "It's a scary market," one Wall Street insider
    was heard to say. "When Greenspan issues a statement
    like this, we had better be prepared for the worst."

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    • <EOM>

    • Fungool has about 6 identities on the "rick"
      board. I went
      "surfing" there (LOL) and I know this.
      Doctor Fungool is a
      fraud. Pump and dump, puffed up
      ego, and chickenshit, too.
      I was ready to meet him
      as a friend in Las Vegas but he was
      just blowing
      hot air. He's lame, dudes!
      Iota Beta Mu, IBM

    • What's your problem? You got a beef w/ me: why not speak up instead of polluting these boards w/ your nonsense?

      Got no time for silly jerks - so speak up - what's the deal?


    • Trader Rick: go to the rick board and leave him a message.
      He's polluting this board.

    • ...same lousy grammer ...same inability to find the shift key ...dream on!!!

    • i jus read yalls post and i think the market goin
      down tomorrow and will rally tues after labor day
      wkend! yall goin to the lake over labor day? ive gotta a
      big wkend sat the game sun wealls goin to new orleans
      for a couple a days. classes start tues. i was lookin
      at the sky last night and was thinkin bout yall up
      there in mich and wonderin if yall saw the same
      beautiful sky that i was seein! it was so pretty cant put
      it into words. teklet honey i dont understand that
      arizona lady has she gotta a screw lose? that doggie
      cruelty is sick and she thinks it funny! enough bout that
      topic icky icky icky!!! hey sweety yall really
      brightens up my days! i think im in luv with yall! that
      aint so bad is it? makes this ole world jus a hole
      bunch nicer. well wish yall were here so i culd give
      yall a big hug and a kiss but my lil note will havta
      do for now. take care now sweety and the next time
      yall looks up at the sky jus smile and know yalls in
      my heart. write me real soon now!

    • glad to see you bounced back fine --like the
      wunnerful young lady you are. actually hon, someone did
      imitate my name a while back ---used a "1" instead of an
      el and you can see how that fooled people for a bit.
      i was clueless until i got messages responding to
      me that i didnt know anythin' bout. wow. it is
      awful. they stealin your identity. same person did it to
      real nice guy and talented, football bob. now the doer
      of the deeds tryin to imitate good ole boy
      Kahunajoe, and the perpetual pessimist, (smart fellow
      really) the Doc. to throw off. but that only means i hit
      the nail on the head. the guy is zeroto1 (my nickname
      for him is zero to less) he the only one who made a
      use of the porn pic. and shortly after it was posted.
      given his prior record---it was him. i would bet.
      everybody else was highly critical of the post---not
      him---and he used it to attack me. i writing to you since
      he says i piqued etc. i havent read his message but
      i read the cuss pretty well...

      sweetie, the law is a great and interesting
      education---and if people dont unnerstan you smart as all get
      out, then they got a problem with the gray matter. You
      one great gal.

      today gonna be tough day in
      market. but it should rally late in the day. --or if not
      immediately after the big unempl. report out before the
      opening tomorrow. i suggest you buy msft at about 89
      1/2---even if not a hundred shares. nothing wrong with
      holding lcos but it probably going back to 38 and maybe

      right here on opening or shortly after.

      market does not take prisoners. dont you worry none we
      be all right.

      luv and a smooch


    • If anyone is into collectables there are these trading cards called Mad-Stox. They're trading cards of Stock Market companies with information and trivia on the back. So there.

    • retraction. FunkyGDog, FunkyG-Dog, both manifestation of evil
      Dr. Fungcool. Not bull. Not bear. Just crave attention to feed
      insatiable ego.

    • "dont forgive unless genuine remorse. my idea".
      I do believe you're on the right track.
      With the Lord's love for you, brother,

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