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  • kahunajoebonzai kahunajoebonzai Aug 27, 1999 1:41 PM Flag

    NEWSFLASH: Greenspan Methanes!

    had no idea you admire Laurie Donnelly! She's a
    total babe!
    Do y'all look like her? Sorry I didn't
    post you for a while but
    I figured, you know, you
    and Tek... Anyhoo
    No, really, IMHO I think ladies
    with muscle (I mean, like Laurie,
    not bigger biceps
    than me, though) are irresistible. Go for
    That's my vote.
    Your lil buddy in sunny CA,

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    • glad yall like lauri! my frends tell me i look
      kina like her but
      i thik shes prietter than me but
      im gonna work on getting in shape so i look more
      like her! did yall go to colege out in Calfornia? yall
      write me now and tell me now hear? gotta run
      luv yall,

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      • Well,,, Did y'all get that red Beamer that you
        been wanting yet,,, Tek's pick didn't do so hot this
        week,,, but it will pick up in the near future,,,
        remember what MY daddy told me a long time ago.... "you
        never loose in a down market if you don't sell". You
        are young enough that if you hold that stock long
        enuf it will rebound... there's folks that will tell
        you to "dump the Pig" if it aint performing, but if
        it is a good company, and it is not in financial
        trouble or anything else weird, it will come back.... You
        have what most people don't have on their side...
        TIME... If you put money in the market at your age,
        figure a 10-15% gain on average over 40 years makes that
        10,000 into 1.064 million using 12% gains. not doing
        anything else... so keep investing, pick solid companies,
        and don't let the bastards get you down.... (as if
        that were posible)!!!

    • How can I find on the Internet which stocks will ex-dividen next week? All help appreciated.

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