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  • givemeinsightorgivemedeath givemeinsightorgivemedeath Aug 31, 1999 8:59 PM Flag

    NEWSFLASH: Greenspan Methanes!

    I have this to say...........SCREW IBM

    Resellers, True Blue End-Users, Distributors and employees
    all just got screwed. I also think IBM just gave it
    to themselves as well. I'd go as far as to compare
    this with the screw ups they've made in the past with

    They've lost tremendous amounts of
    credibility in my eyes. Recruiting partners to school their
    employees (which is not cheap) on their products and sell
    our customers on their solutions. They've left us all
    high and dry, holding the bag and made our customers
    question our services.

    Don't even try to counter
    with the fact the Cisco and IBM are going to work hand
    in hand in the transition. I'm also a Cisco partner
    and know how they work. THEY WILL NOT CARE AT
    I'm in the trenches and see what these jerks

    I can't believe they would be so stupid as to sell
    patents and intellectual properties. They have just let
    go of one big "HUGE" tellecommunications

    If you believe that Cisco is going to work hand in
    hand with IBM and IBM's customer base your wrong. IBM
    will only see the benefit on the front side and in the
    meantime they sold off an annuity business off to the
    competition. One thing will always stay constant in the
    computer marketplace.....REMOTE OFFICES ALWAYS HAVE TO
    COMMUNICATE TO THE HOME OFFICE......and they just gave it

    I'm pissed and believe stock holders should be pissed

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