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  • DR_FUNGCOOL DR_FUNGCOOL Sep 10, 1999 7:11 AM Flag


    and I only flame those who flameth against
    never take the offensive, so to speak.

    For anyone that would like to know the little

    stock that I am buying this morning, email me

    however, I do believe that Brandman
    is Neuter P., who
    in essence is Austin Powers,
    who could have been
    zero in a past life, but
    really is highonblue. Does
    that make sense?

    Lastly, remember, I AM FUNG, AND FUNG'S DA MAN.

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    • and only highonblue...have I said anything even
      remotely resembling zero or Austin's flames???? I admit to
      chiding you somewhat regarding 'eating some crow', but
      only because you insist on using some rather dubious
      means to "make your doom and gloom predictions." i.e.
      planet alignments, solar eclipses, feast of trumpets,
      etc., etc. By the way who'd want to eat a bunch of
      trumpets anyway? hahaha Anyway Neuter is not me, although
      we have played off of each other's posts from time
      to time....poetry, etc.

      REally Doc...I'm
      highonblue....look at the date on my profile...haven't changed it
      since December 1998. These guys are all new
      comers....YOU on the other hand, we all know have posted under
      a variety of alias's....sometimes as BOOLI,
      sometimes as Chiefyellowrain, sometimes as some chinese
      cowgirl named sue.....but I don't take it seriously.
      Usually just wondering WHO you'll be next. I think you
      must be having an identity crisis, actually I think
      you were a comedian in another life!!!

      luck......but don't eat too many trumpets, could cause a
      blockage of cosmic proportions!!!

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      • Just tell me that Jesus is Lord. I need some spiritual support.

      • I've got a surprise for you. I'm not BOOLI. That
        someone else's moniker.

        As far as
        thinking that you have other aliases, I know you

        don't. I was just kidding concerning that: I know
        you are a straight up dude, so remember, most of
        I do is TONGUE IN CHEEK. The highonblue at the
        end of the
        sentence was for EFFECT, NOT

        I'll admit to Sue, BUT I'LL KEEP YOU GUESSING

        I hope your daughter is enjoying her classes in
        and that at some point, she fulfills her fondest
        concerning her aspirations in theatre.

        Concerning this board as just 'one liners', remember,

        I've given out four stocks that have gone up
        in just one day. The last of these stocks, ENGA,
        went up
        11 yesterday. I bought and sold that one,
        although I
        told my friends I wasn't in the market.
        Also, I've
        posted LOOK, AGAA, and BAMM, although
        they were all one day wonders,
        MUCH LONG TERM INVESTING....although
        I do have
        some core holdings that are longterm..
        SLB, and DO
        are a couple of them, they are in trusts which

        are similar to a mutual fund.

        Anyway, have a
        great weekend, and remember, I do this for
        fun, not
        to get upset. Even my most obtuse posts are not

        done in anger, but jest.

      • I am the one and only Neuterpussy and proud of
        it. I have effectively quieted down Dr_Fungus'
        nonsensical predictions, haven't I? Although some people have
        accused me for being silly, but my silliness has quite
        reduced ridiculous posts from the Doc. So, to those
        accusers, I'd like to borrow from two great men of the 20th

        1) Chinese Premier Deng: it does not matter whether
        the cat is black or white, as long as it catches

        2) Indian poet/philosopher Tagore: it's better to
        light a match than to curse at the dark.

    • miss gogogo. do yall know all the horse pucky
      yalls been creatin? i guess not but wuld yall please
      help me out? i know yalls a very merry ole soul and
      dont wish harm to noone. but please doc give em the
      news i aint got a case of bein yalls! course thats
      kinda a form of flattery lil ole me bein yall! now yall
      take care sweety yalls friend in mississippi yes i can
      spell! still lookin for the shift key
      mel ps look forward to yalls stock tips!

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