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  • branperson branperson Sep 10, 1999 2:11 AM Flag


    believe it.

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    • im tek. tek postin himself? teehee wait til he
      reads this! did yall lose yalls tush like zer0? or are
      yall jus jealous of my dear friend tekie. he can have
      a lil fun with life and make money! thats what its
      all about!

    • Tekkie's fantasy bride. I agree with coughup, go somewhere else YALL.


    • i can understand why yalls so bitter! got e mail
      but sur wuldnt give my address to a creep like yall!
      whats wrong yall lose yalls tush in ibm jus like zer0?
      i dont like the pig bunch of idiots work there!
      think theyall so cool but really theyall jus after
      yalls money! sell and no service no help theyall hire
      face with no real brain!
      eat yalls heart out! gogo

    • how come Booli got all bent out of shape?

    • is talking to RRRR?

    • AOL is more than 50% off now.

      company advertises on AOL. AOL advertising revernue is
      much much more than that of YHOO. Plus subscription
      fee from membership like me who pays 21.95 each
      month, AOL has great earning report. AOL earning growth
      more than 150% quarter after quarter.

      sellers manipulated AOL down to current bargain price.
      But AOL fundamental has not changed. AOL fundamental
      is still very strong.

      It is best time to buy
      AOL at bargain now before institutional investors,
      bargain hunters rash to buy and AOL jumps big


      By Rick
      Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible)

      As for America
      Online, it got the "You've Gotta Bail!" treatment in
      Barron's over the weekend. A hedge fund manager wasn't
      impressed with insiders selling four million
      shares recently. Keep in mind, the company has more than
      a billion shares outstanding. Still, what fun would
      a short covering rally be without shorts.

      The manager, Seabreeze Partners' Doug Kass, feels the
      stock could lose half its value as the company faces
      pricing pressure in the future from charitable upstarts.
      Let's put this into perspective. Even if AOL were to
      tumble below $50, that would only be taking the stock
      back to where it was in December. If Kass were to
      project a single-digit share price for AOL that would
      only take it back another year. Hey, AOL is
      even with what many figured would be S&P 500 stability
      this year. But what are the odds of AOL doubling over
      the year ahead and Kass making the same argument?
      Implying today's price is a fair price?

      the whole "free Internet" argument as a death knell
      for AOL baffles me. AOL was never the cheapest as it
      ran circles around the competition. This wasn't the
      service of choice for 20 million bargain-hunters. It was
      simply the best. Unique immediate content that inspired
      unique immediate community is not something an aspiring
      ISP can provide.

      The real kicker here is
      that someone concerned with AOL's pricing structure
      would bring up the free access revolution in the first
      place. What is subsidizing fee-free online connections?
      Advertising. Doesn't that vindicate AOL's business model?
      Sure, AOL's next price move might be lower rather than
      higher, but if that continues to add subscribers is
      advertising going to suffer? AOL announced this morning that
      900,000 newbies will join up this quarter. Profit
      projections of $0.13 a share are in line with the analysts.
      Only a third of the domestic Internet market has been
      tapped and the world is full of virgin topsoil.

      Is America offline? No. Are the multi-million dollar
      sponsorship deals showing any hint of hooking up with
      abatement? No. So, what's the worry here? Nobody really owns
      the water. Let the world sample the free water
      fountains. They will still thirst for Coke. Let them delight
      at finding free television weeklies bundled in the
      local Sunday papers. They will still thumb through TV

      Besides, am I the only one who sees the
      fallacy in these government cheese ISPs? They are relying
      on ad space to offset access costs. Now, ask
      yourself this: if you had a product to sell and had a
      finite supply of ad dollars, where would you turn? Would
      you go with AOL or would you go where the
      demographics have been weaned off disposable income to the
      point where $20 for convenient monthly access is passed

      I've never seen a billboard on a water
      fountain, and I say that with some degree of authority.
      After all, my son almost inherited the water....!!

      -- Rick Aristotle Munarriz

    • not fret! we go to cal well take my mercedes!
      daves elan breakin down all the time! luv napa susie
      use to live in S.F. was thinkin of gettin new car bmw
      but my car only has 23,000 mi. stupid waste of money!
      use new car money to invest in market qwhen the pig
      goes down to 60! listen up now all eaves droppers im
      startin to agree with tek! i have an ibm computer and im
      not sur if i like it!!! met this guy from ibm in the
      80"s he was from india wrote programs for my bis. what
      a mess lost all my info and he got to cutsie with
      the menus! i never ran anythin on it hired a bunch
      eggheads to work it! had better things to do like goin on
      buyin trips luckily i kept a manual back up!!!! are
      yall with me honey bear? could a used yall for all the
      law suits that followed!!! worst job in the world ibm
      second worst bein a process server!!!!teehee tek i think
      lil ole miss gonna be in aheap of trouble now yalls
      gonna haveta defend my honor!!! hugs to yall sweety
      that lame guy got my dander up!!! and so did dave! im
      ventin now!!! gotta go write me in the pm ill be in
      better mood!!! yalls sweeheart jeanne

    • before a fall... mmm, that sounds a lot like
      "Hubris" to me.
      P.S. - if WE go to wine
      country I'm sure we can find some room for you in the
      tiny backseat of my Lotus Elan.
      P.P.S. - Pi Lam. That brings back some OLD, OLD

    • i love honey dew---sweetest---ok---if we do
      cal---go up to wine country.---rose bowl. good . hadnt got
      that part of message. i so bloody angry at that
      stinker qcom. !!!!!--stocks shouldnt do that to me. i get
      tabooli to put curse. hehehehehe.

      cahnt wait for
      that danged lcos to break out. it gets goin over 47
      and we got a long run. see where it joinin hands with
      msft on auction spot? gonna drive aol and steve case
      right to poor house. stevie made a mistake. big ego
      -pride goeth before a fall.

      got to run sweet.
      yall have good aftrnoon.


    • but nobody's forcing you to read them, bro.
      Hear about the Playboy for married men?
      Same centerfold every month. lol!

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