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  • johnsebastianfigglewortdathird johnsebastianfigglewortdathird Dec 31, 2000 6:03 PM Flag

    United Programmers and Tech. Workers,

    you have the power, you have the technology, you
    have the encryption programs. It is time to organize
    to prevent us from becoming wage slaves and watching
    our standard of living erode as the upper 1/10 of 1%
    get fatter and fatter at our expense. It is time we
    took the power from the rich brats and got fair pay
    for a good hour of work. Everything stops if we
    organize and decide to go on strike: Everything. That is
    the ultimate bargening Chip that organized labor will
    realize in the 21st century. That is a bargening chip
    never before seen in the history of the world and it
    will happen sooner or later. It is only a matter of

    In the 1950's it took only one wage earner to
    support a family and been middle class. We now work like
    dogs, both parents struggling to survive for what. The
    standard of living of the American worker has gone to
    shit. Both Husband and Wife have to work for a living
    where 35 years ago only one did. The bottom line is the
    youth of America have it hard not because of the media,
    but because the owners of the Corporations of the
    United States Demand that both parents work to maintain
    the standard of living that in the past took only one
    parent. Thats a fact. If wages kept up with inflation
    from the 50's the average salary of a head of
    household would be 100-150,000 dollars across every
    household in America. The wealth has increased with
    inflation since the 50's except the distribution in the
    United States has decreased. Only the Programmers and
    Technical workers have the Ultimate Bargening Chip to stop
    everything. We must unite and we now have the ability to
    communicate with each other in a way that cannot be broken.
    The encryption programs have given the ultimate power
    of free communication to the average workers of the
    United States and the Internet is the means by which we
    can organize! It is time to form our own union and
    kick a little financial butt!

    The owners of the
    large corporations will fight us tooth and nail but
    eventually they will loose. We are smarter and we control
    the technolgy because we are smarter.

    years of country club inbreeding has made your average
    venture capitalist stupid like the purebred dogs they
    keep that piss on themselves when a car alarm goes

    Welcome to the begining of the 21 century and

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    • I grew up in 40s & 50s and I really believe the
      difference today is GREED. I was typical middle class. One
      bath, one car, one TV, little/no fast food etc. Today
      starter home has 2 1/2 baths, two sports cars, designer
      clothes, reservations. There's your difference. Let's
      organize, destroy inititive and become socialists.

      • 2 Replies to usmc60
      • USMC: I readed several postes from you and you
        use the word "Socialists" when there are concepts
        that you may not agreed with. I would like to ask you
        what do you know about SOCIALISTS? Also I'm too young
        to know about McCathist(?) can you also tell me
        about that too?

        I will tell you couple of
        First: GREED one main human characteristic
        driving free market in a capitalist society. Socialists
        concept try to eliminate the GREEDY human characteristic
        and that is one of the cause for their failure IMHO.

        Second: Socialist Goverment do not allow anyone to
        organize any group except for their own party! so tell me
        how do you link union organize and with Socialist?

        BTW, the way Mr Gerstner conduct his business toward
        IBM employees is similar to the way China Goverment
        control their peoples....This just my observation....

      • As a proud IBMer, and seeing what "unions" have
        done to America (wrecked the US Automotive advantage
        in the 1970's, wrecked US Steel in 1983, wrecked
        many mass transit operations across the USA including
        MUNI in SF, wrecked ten of the largest and oldest
        FAMILY owned construction companies in the US in

        IBM does not need a Union. IBM programmers are some
        of the highest paid in the industry, and besides,
        growing up in Socialist/Communist Poland I would never
        want to live in such fear ever again.

        Americans, how can you want socialism, it is a thug form of
        power. You who have nevered lived it have no idea.

    • Both breweries may spend the same amount over all
      on wages but the non-union would spread it by merit
      while the union would pay all the incompetents and
      lazies the same. I remember, when U.S. just started
      losing auto business to Japan, over hearing union
      members laughing about enclosing a beer can inside a door
      assembly - "wait'll they hear that. They'll never figure
      it out."

    • USMC, I vote against all proposals that the BoD
      submit, and I also vote for those that are submitted by
      shareholders, that make sense. The problem is that as
      individual shareholders, our voices are lost to the roar of
      the investment community that almost always votes
      with the BoD. Unfortunately, Kiki is right, a union is
      the best way for workers to have a voice in what
      happens to their compensation.
      P.S. Did you vote for
      Jimmy Lea's proposal on last years shareholder ballot?
      Thank you, if the answer is yes.

    • I don't understand how you feel that a union is
      the way to go and that it will help decide what
      happens to compensation. Do you watch other unions? They
      seem to think that a 9% increase spread across a 5
      year contract is "good". Pardon me for disagreeing...
      But 9% over 5 years SUCKS!

    • You are still confusing the old unions with
      today's unions. Today, that 9% over 5 years is a minimum
      wage increase. Almost all contracts allow for merit
      increases ontop of the contracted increase. The big thing
      is that the parts that the employee cannot effect
      (benifits) are protected by contract.

    • I've been a 1 rated as long as I can remember. The day IBM becomes unionized will be my last day of work. There is no way I will work in that environment.

    • Jetskiman, USMC: Personally I'm not even sure if
      I like to work in a union environment. However,
      from your post you seem to believe Union is may not be
      the solution for the "sins", as USMC put it, that I
      lay out in my earlier post. However I did not see
      anyone address any alternative solution to address the
      issue. After all, most of us want to see IBM name
      continue to be the leader beyond our time.

      Give the
      issues some thoughts and we will revisit and discuss all

    • "I've been a 1 rated as long as I can remember."
      Did that keep LVG from raiding your pension with his Cash Balance plan?

    • When was the last time you voted against any
      member of the board of directors?

      IBM doesn't
      allow you to vote against members of the board of
      directors. Check your proxy when they get it this year. You
      can vote FOR the board of directors, or you can
      abstain. Voting against is not an allowed option.

      As stockholders we have control of bonuses and
      compensation for executives.

      Don't kid yourself.
      Stockholder control of bonuses and compensation for
      executives at best. Check out the correspondence currently
      going on between IBM and the SEC relative to our latest
      stock holder proposal at and you'll see that IBM is clearly not interested
      in letting shareholders know that executive bonuses
      are currently partially based on their ability to
      hoard the pension fund. And they certainly aren't
      interested in giving them a voice in changing it!

      could help make a difference, though. Write to the SEC
      and tell them stockholders need a voice in these

    • Ok, my opinion....

      The industry is short
      of skilled hard working people (there are plenty
      available of people who can fog a mirror). The key to to
      compensate the best employees at a level that will retain
      them and to also compensate the lowest employees at a
      level that will either make them improve or

      With that said, IBM needs to stick with, and even
      expand on their pay for performance system. They need to
      immediately stop the buyout programs that incent the top
      performers to leave and the lower performers to stay behind.
      They need to put more pressure on the lower tier
      performers to improve or leave the business.

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