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  • johnsebastianfigglewortdathird johnsebastianfigglewortdathird Dec 31, 2000 6:03 PM Flag

    United Programmers and Tech. Workers,

    you have the power, you have the technology, you
    have the encryption programs. It is time to organize
    to prevent us from becoming wage slaves and watching
    our standard of living erode as the upper 1/10 of 1%
    get fatter and fatter at our expense. It is time we
    took the power from the rich brats and got fair pay
    for a good hour of work. Everything stops if we
    organize and decide to go on strike: Everything. That is
    the ultimate bargening Chip that organized labor will
    realize in the 21st century. That is a bargening chip
    never before seen in the history of the world and it
    will happen sooner or later. It is only a matter of

    In the 1950's it took only one wage earner to
    support a family and been middle class. We now work like
    dogs, both parents struggling to survive for what. The
    standard of living of the American worker has gone to
    shit. Both Husband and Wife have to work for a living
    where 35 years ago only one did. The bottom line is the
    youth of America have it hard not because of the media,
    but because the owners of the Corporations of the
    United States Demand that both parents work to maintain
    the standard of living that in the past took only one
    parent. Thats a fact. If wages kept up with inflation
    from the 50's the average salary of a head of
    household would be 100-150,000 dollars across every
    household in America. The wealth has increased with
    inflation since the 50's except the distribution in the
    United States has decreased. Only the Programmers and
    Technical workers have the Ultimate Bargening Chip to stop
    everything. We must unite and we now have the ability to
    communicate with each other in a way that cannot be broken.
    The encryption programs have given the ultimate power
    of free communication to the average workers of the
    United States and the Internet is the means by which we
    can organize! It is time to form our own union and
    kick a little financial butt!

    The owners of the
    large corporations will fight us tooth and nail but
    eventually they will loose. We are smarter and we control
    the technolgy because we are smarter.

    years of country club inbreeding has made your average
    venture capitalist stupid like the purebred dogs they
    keep that piss on themselves when a car alarm goes

    Welcome to the begining of the 21 century and

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    • > Is it really "illegal" to work until 3am in France? That seems strange.

      It is illegal IIRC,
      1- for a woman to work alone after 10pm,
      2- for a person to work more than 50 hrs [I think], during a week
      3- for anyone to work after midnight without prior
      permission from a Govt works organisation

      The logic of the govt being that laws were put in place
      to encourage hiring [France has abt 10% unemployment]
      and any ignoring of these laws is counter-productive to
      the governments employment politics.

      A company can get around it by
      - fixing "heavy" objectives,
      - giving workers laptops so they can work from home [no control possible],
      - year end assessments ...

    • Webtoo_2000: "I know what I speak about when I
      say Unions are corrupt"

      When you talk about
      Unions corruption, I can understand, just like some
      executives, how do you address executive corruption to keep
      company clean?

    • Still using the craft union tactics, the IBM
      union is not based on the craft model. Why are all the
      IT companies demanding more and more H1B via workers
      and not the "down sized" US experts. OSHA needs to
      look into the safty of the employees better then they
      do now, maybe there would not be as many lawsuits.

    • Yeah right... and that's why at my last
      "International" company - the key programmers were based in the
      US and sent in as Expats to do the real work... Some
      "unions" in other countries also can not be equated to the
      corrupt practices of most US Unions.

      (BTW - I am a
      child of a Union Family - Would never work for one now
      - though they had their place in the days before
      Govt. groups like OSHA were formed to protect the
      safety of the employees, etc... I know what I speak
      about when I say Unions are corrupt).

    • The day a Union wins a shop - is the day
      employees lose... It just takes them a long time to admit

      For those programmers that maitain their skills (ie.
      get educated on new tools, etc...) they can pretty
      much negotiate their salaries with the demand in the
      market. If not salary - then other benefits. I used to
      work for a company (that I liked), but that used the
      Hayes pay scale in non-Union states, and Union Pay
      scale in union states - the day I left the company, my
      salary doubled. The next year - doubled again, the
      following it tripled. That was because I had been trained
      in some of the latest and greatest programming
      languages of the times - and with the Hayes (or any other
      pay scale) - the percentage increases were simply way
      to low (ie. Cost of Living plus small %). Merit pay
      was typically a percentage of salary (usually 5 - 15%
      to accomodate some uniqueness)... But even the
      highest paid programmers were not making close to what
      the market is paying. Needless to say - that company
      changed it's pay practices in the non-Union States to
      match the market as they were losing their developers
      (then of course all of the programmers in the company
      requested that they go to those States where they could
      make the $$)

    • Technically.... Contrary to it's name, IBM is
      *NOT* an "International" company. It's a
      "Multi-National" company. Each country has a unique IBM company
      that stands on it's own. Each "IBM company" handles
      business within it's own borders and each "IBM company"
      pretty much treats other "IBM companies" as
      subcontractors on international engagements.

    • A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. IBM not
      organized in Canada or Japan. The other countries you
      mentioned require organization by law. Go back to your
      pension forum page. This is a business/financial bulletin
      board. Take thegoldenowl and kikimyboy with you!

    • Rightttttt. Still using the craft union scare tactics. Funny IBM is unionized in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, as well as Canada. Last time I looked IBM was an INTERNATIONAL company.

    • You have made some excellent points! Top
      performers with in-demand skills would be highly penalized
      by a union. This nonsense about unions having "merit
      pay" is just that, nonsense. It amounts to a couple of
      percentage points.

      I also noticed that on the
      "Alliance" Web site they claim that union wages for the same
      skills will be 30% higher. Yeah, rite! Tell that to our
      non-union brewey who pays wages/benefits that are higher
      than the union brewery up the road.

      It's not a
      perfect world... But I'd rather trust my pension to Lou
      Gerstner than to Jimmy Hoffa's bunch.

    • I only post from home too... and I would fight
      any union... but that doesn't make me a paid union
      buster. Just someone who would never work for one.
      Besides - what Union is there to bust? Which State -
      because many are right to work. Not to mention other
      countries... I've seen groups try to Unionize programmers
      before - they are usually laughed right out of the
      building. No programmer will give up their right to
      negotiate high income jobs for the more rare talents they
      have by switching to a set union scale... LOL!

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