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  • thegoldenowl thegoldenowl May 2, 2001 5:25 AM Flag


    The technical management blunder at IBM caused the destruction of BBE and the death of Joan LoDato.

    {JUST CLICK the goldenowl's bio above and see A REAL PICTURE OF THIS MURDER VICTIM. <A kind 72 year old lady died via arsoning...remember the Argentina Affair and the hanging???...Now same music but different lyrics.> JUST Click AND SEE. }

    BBE just wanted to buy the patents from NYS, but IBM used economic blackmail and stopped the State from selling the patents to BBE. (see Even though NYS wanted to sell the patents to BBE.

    If BBE had that opportunity, investment bankers were going to put up monies for their proximity tool. BBE had the best laser engineers in the world, it had a proximity stepper design -- that was radically new and received great technical peer reviews.

    As of this year, we believe BBE would have succeeded --- This small company solved an impossible technical feat, and deserved a fair opportunity. It wanted no funds from IBM , but the East Fishkill technical staff were petrified of LoDato's success. How would it look if this little company succeed when IBM failed so many times?

    Under the leadership of Dr. Lodato, a seasoned and well respected scientist, the next generation of superchips via their point source proximity system would have been a reality today. America would have benefited, the workers in the Hudson Valley would have benefited, NYS would have benefited.

    Since IBM did not have the proper mask designs BBE though a well known mask house had this problem under control-- and it would have been solved by this day!

    How do we know this was the case? Well, Lodato was legally bribed $1,500,000 to stop the pursuit of the Hampshire patents, Lodato was offered a job at IBM via Barry Knight, the brother of Mrs. Benz the plant manager of IBM Endicott.

    Since he was an entrepreneur, he knew he would not fit into the IBM structure, yet this small company would have worked with IBM. But IBM destroyed it, and made sure Lodato couldn't not pursue this work. His home was arsoned, looted and his sister died in the fire...see a picture of Joan under the goldenowl -- a murder victim caused by IBM's technical staff blunders and MORE.

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