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  • thegoldenowl thegoldenowl Mar 19, 2001 11:10 AM Flag


    Before IBM closed this project...murder was committed (The murder of Joan LoDato.) and it leads back to Corporate. Just like the IBM Argentina Affair lead back to corporate.

    This was a failure that spanned over 18 years and involved over $2,800,000,000 dollars. This dwarfed any problems associated with any previous problems. The IBM technical staff throughout IBM from Yorktown, to especially East Fishkill hood winked Gerstner and his management team. Only when murders and small companies were destroyed because they had technical answers did the management of IBM close this technology.

    IBM feed at the Federal trough to the tune of over $25,000,000 in trying to build a proximity stepper via SVG, and failed miserably again. Many failures were hidden from management, and management hide it from their stockholders when they became aware of these problems.

    As an old IBMer told us. There is the right way, and there is wrong way, but there is always the IBM way.

    For many years IBM has been trying to bring x-ray technology to the marketplace....but they have failed. In a desperate attempt to curtail this technology their engineers and scientists coupled with their upper management did the following deeds.... the "NIH syndrome is alive and well at IBM (NIH = not invented here)..please read:

    IBM Yorktown is panicing!!!...look they are tracking (or attempting to hack???) in the middle of the night: - - [25/Jan/2001:03:16:35 -0500] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 12052 "-" "Crawl_Application"


    IBM from the early 1980s has been investing in X-ray lithography. They are using a synchrotron source with 10 to 15 step and repeat tools. IBM has invested over $3,000,000,000 and, they have "failed" to make a successful manufacturing x-ray lithography tool. IBM has always been a long term planner. Yes, very long term in some cases.

    In the mid 1980s, Moshe Lubin came along and founded a company called Hampshire Instruments. He replace the synchrotron with a high powered Nd-Yag laser and a chamber with some targets to generate soft x-rays. Hence the synchrotron was going to be replaced by using this laser. The x-ray lithography tool would be a stand alone tool with only one stepper.

    This would allow small to medium size companies to get into the ultra high density chip manufacturing business. With the synchrotron it is not cost effect would need at least 15 proximity stepper tools. Hence the smaller to medium size companies are excluded from the business.

    After $120,000,000 invested from Harvard, Venrock etc. he (Lubin) was just about to complete his tool with the new stepper. The boys (IBM etc ) bankrupted the Company and murdered Lubin. NYS ended up with Lubin's patents since he (Hampshire Instruments) owed the state $20,000,000.

    The next company to come on the scene is BBE, they had the "proximity stepper" and with Lubin's point source an American success story would have been told. This technology would preempt IBM's synchrotron x-ray lithography process.

    Since Lodato could not be bought even after a $1,500,000 offer to go away, and "a job offer at IBM" they arsoned his home and his sister died because of the fire. Second degree Murder.

    For more please read:(This isn't a fast read!)

    NSA knew what was going on...please read

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