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  • valueman60 valueman60 Nov 14, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    New option grants YUCK


    today's news, SEC filing awarding option grants with a 10 year duration at $5.48 for more than 1.6 million new shares. The reason given:
    management's progress in advancing HK's business plan!!
    What a lame excuse for bleeding the already beleagured common shareholder!
    Look what advancing the business plan has already done for the common shareholder! Just about killed us! I like Floyd's ability in certain areas and have voiced this in multiple posts but this one just is too extreme to not yell FOUL!
    What a bunch of crock!

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Since I finally bought a few thou of HK at under $5.80 I like it. Incentive for management to make me money.

    • Another reason why I was somewhat surprised to see insider buying the other day. They GIVE themselves so much stock, why gamble with real money? Oh well, that's how this game is played.

      I once worked for a company who's upper managements very poor decisions made the stock go from $54 down to less than a $1. Not only was the CEO giving himself raises (while layoffs were happening), the entire management team received huge piles of $1 stock options. Two years later and the stock was back at $35. Get up high enough in the corporate world and it's hard to lose.

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