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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Apr 15, 2013 3:50 PM Flag

    A 20 Year old....

    Yes that "boy" who just turned 20 now called the drop in the 7.75 range to 6.75 range within 2 weeks. Once again it looks like that "boy" (who is an idiot and knows nothings) was right again. That intelligentinvestor92 guy gets thumbed down all the time and belittled yet after his posts, I can't help but wonder how did he know? What was it that caused him to be so close to being dead on? I mean after all, how can a 20 yr old know more than an adult in his 40's or higher who has been investing for longer than intellinvestor92 has been alive in some cases?

    Is it magic? manipulation? No ladies and gentlemen, as I said before its the stock market. I'm no genius (I got a 16 on my ACT the first time for gods sake) however I am no idiot either. If you want to know how I knew this inevitably was going to happen all I can say is what I've said since day one. Value ALWAYS wins out in the end.

    Shadowplay, I am not going to go entirely off on you, but I will make you feel pain. You told me I was wrong when i said look for 6.75 within the next two weeks, yet look here we are a week and a half later. You told me how you were worth 1.5 million and you knew so much more than I, yet here I a 20 year old stand once again I might add, in the winning corner and you, an adult who pry put my 2 years experience to shame and I know your net worth puts mine to shame, in the losing corner. You gave me no respect, along with others I might add and discounted most if not everything I said. I don't think I need say anything more on the matter...

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    • Tired of patting youself on the back ?? Probably not .

    • I'm a little tipsy so i'll try my best here.Yahoo already kicked me out once on a post to you.

      Props to you on your call.I would look more of an a s s if I did not opine.But I think you had some help.The gold fear,the monkey-see,monkey do,the oil fall off and the boston blast all contributed to today bloodbath.Even word got down here in Cancun minutes after the Boston blast.FEAR drives alot of stocks including this one.On most days we have been subject to break that cycle,but just as last week when north korea pulled their stunt we sold off 5%. Again props to you on you call,but I would not be wavy the victory flag yet.I have sent word back home to increase my position by 25% tomorrow morning. And it's not 1.5 million,it's 1.3.but more days like today and it will be back under 7 figures. Now,time for a lot stronger drink.maybe it will help to ease the pain.

      ps-I got word today that the presentation was okay nothing to celebrate about.That in itself might be reason #5 why we sank so low.If not,I'll come up with some more excuse tomorrow.


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      • One last post while I'm waiting for the show to start. I would not be a buyer of Apple.I have never owned a share,but did call for a short at 690.Dig back and it's posted real time.Yes, its easy to grandstand now with the stock doing not so good but it's drive south has merit and here is why in my belief.Can yo say Samsung! They are eating their lunch.Not only do I have a source,but the sale s are proving it on both sides.Why do you think Apple just made a new deal with some XYZ??? China parts company?? To get the price down.And Ron Cooke?? He's no Steve Jobs by far.Also it would not surprise me to see Ron Johnson,former CEO of JcPenny's come crawling back to his old job.Not a good thing.Only time will tell,but I see Apple making it to the low $300's with a year. So how about it? A good ole' grudge bet?? Me take HK for two years and you take the fruity APPLE stock.Two years and lets see who the winner is.By that time you'll be of legal drinking age(cough) and I'll treat you to a 5 star dinner and a drink of your choice. I'm not hard to find.It is known that I live in Orange Beach,AL with a condo that I rent out and I have a place in Maggies Valley,NC.Two places to accommodate your travel for the distant driving. I have nothing to hide.You?


    • s.eranger Apr 15, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

      I hate to say this, I really do. he truth is I can't wait for you to get your #$%$ handed to you. What is your portfolio worth? You're wet behind the'll learn to be humble, the hard all of us.

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      • I already am getting my @#$# handed to me thank you, ive got apple at 455, sd at 5.55, and no hk at 6.82. Every dog has his day. However realize my positions are all relatively long, I see a 40% return in apple within 2 years, a 100% return in SD in 1-3, and HK I see a 100-200% gain within 2-4 years. Now granted the economy could change all of this, however that is my outlook for now and I believe it is attainable.

        P.S. I'll learn to be humble when i'm not looked upon by everyone as some idiot who knows nothing because of my age and because of a difference in opinion. Most everyone on this board took nothing of what I said to heart and pretty much most called me dumb etc. However here i stand right and you I would venture to say....wrong.

        Hows it feel to know a 20 year old not even out of college outsmarted you on this stock ? Does it make you think that maybe, just maybe he might actually know what hes talking about? Or ironically, am I still the same old stupid "boy"?

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