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  • valueman60 valueman60 Apr 17, 2013 7:51 AM Flag



    I call you out.
    You say I have a big mouth.
    You say I am an idiot.
    But you never, and I mean never do the logical thing, which is try to refute the FACTS i post.
    You can't, they are true!
    Floyd et al, did cut hemselves the Aubrey like deals I detailed. It is fact.
    Floyd et al, have assembled a "yes man" board of directors and paid them off with aubrey like deals to follow along-FACT
    Floyd et al recently had the board approve a ridiculous compensation package for them all , another Aubrey like deal, FACT
    Floyd recently sold his own personal used jet to the company for $2.9 million FACT
    All your bluster is meaningless, speak to the facts or shut up.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • FACT ... Management is building the company for one thing and one thing only .... To Sell it at a nice premo. Now it may take 5 more years for that event to happen or it could happen in Q4 of this year.

      FACT: Management has been building shareholder Value and The Eagle Ford position is just that. EF is a polific value play. Wells are cheap to Drill and are 90%/95% Oil, the collection infrastructure is in place given this play has been around since the 1930's. They get Brent Oil Pricing which is a significant premium to WTI.

      Just look at SN or CRZO for IRR's and Cash Flow and the Significant Value of their oil reserves on their EF holdings.

      Now what I stated above is not a reason not to trade the stock but is a reason to maintain both a Core & Trading position. As long as management is building substantial shareholder value which is the case with HC only a fool would not hold a CORE position. So keep a Hot Slice for the buy & Hold core position and trade for a few pepperonies on the swings.

    • valueman
      wish i could #$%$ slap u

    • your comments have been noted and we understand that you are just a nervous trader. sure you come on here and try to talk the stock down on a down premarket down how about you move on and s t f u .

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