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  • valueman60 valueman60 Sep 12, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    Today is a good example


    demonstrating why retail investor/s traders typically lose money. They let the natural emotions cause them to do EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what they shoul do. IE they are selling now at $4.80 because of the pain that is their gut, when they should be buying, , and they were buying at $5.10 and above this morning because of the elation they felt in their hearts, when they should have been selling.
    I have and will continue to do my best to help you, as I have been doing, (those that listened to me did just fine) but it is up to you to act.
    And , perhaps, maybe the board could be a bit more kind and civil and stop the attacking and false accusations and threats etc.
    Gee whiz, let's help each other, it is the professional investment community that are our opponents, let's not fight each other

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    • Thanks for all your input over the past year that I have followed this stock. As an industry outsider I find your information very helpful. One thing I noticed about HK is the company has no COO. Is that an important fact other do others basically fill that role but not formally?


    • Thanks valueman, I have another value helper JFK on the SNTA board. Perhaps you may know of him. Nonetheless, the board should check out SNTA as , may break out soon.

      FYI, just purchased another 3000 of HK @4.75

      Sentiment: Hold

    • value - have always liked your posts...keep them coming.

    • Large BID sizes are being taken out and then bid price goes down a penny. Repeat and repeat. Is this short selling?

    • i dont think retail investors are the ones that drove this down 2.7% today.

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      • The company drove itself down when they announced their secondary. They had to throw in the towel and admit that their plan had misfired and debt was mounting faster than there ability to grow assets. Now they have thrown gas on the fire by announcing that they sold "non core" assets in order to, what? Buy more assets? Since when did oil producing wells become "non core" assets to HK? There assets continue to shrink but their debt remains constant, if not growing. Did anyone see their statement regarding their ability to borrow more from their revolving account? All this was the sign to SELL, not a sign to buy more. I am stuck with my shares because like many of us, I got caught with my pants down on the secondary. All I want is to see $6 in a year or two and I will be no long and never look back. Wilson did me good with Petrohawk but he pressed his luck on HK and his timing was bad when it came to the drop in NG. That forced his hand to get more oily and he incurred massive debt issues in the process and those costs will only go up with loan rates going higher. You win some and you lose some, and although I am sure you guys disagree with me, that is my take on the stock. No bad feelings towards anyone's opinion, just how I see things. Good luck to all of us longs who have been trapped into this scenario. I am sure there will be a bounce at some point but to $6, not for quite awhile.

      • Boerne investor=Ft. Apache
        Boerne? You still buying?

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Who were the #$%$ buying at 5.20 in the premarket?

9.49-0.16(-1.66%)Oct 26 4:02 PMEDT