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  • valueman60 valueman60 Oct 5, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    My view


    Lots of lying going on this past week, with the bashers going crazy as the stock hit an all time low on monday, and the pumpers lying through their teeth yesterday.
    1. when I confront the basher liars like gl, nl, and telco whiz, they ATTEMPT to divert by saying I am a bagholder who bought at $13. not true, even if it were it is immaterial to the question, it does not address their lying.
    2. when I confront the pumper liars, like investwise, they simiilarly ATTTEMPT TO DIVERT, by saying I am a short. . Not true , likewise immaterialr

    since latest round of lying /exaggeration goes to the pumpers let's look :
    1. bambusaro lies that they have "hit the jackpot in Tuscaloosa". Investwise jumps on the wagon and adds his lie about it too.
    When I ask for the proof or source, nothing from bambusaro, investwise compounds his lie by further lying that a well result for HK there was posted on the investorvillage site. Also a lie.
    2. If one studies the comprehensive picture and the info direct from the company, it clearly confirms that the above are lies.
    A, latest presentation, capex for 2H of 2013 only has 2% alloacated for "other " areas, 7 percent for the disappointing wait and see utica and 90 percent for Bakken/El Halcon combined.
    B. read the operation update in april which addresses their lack of current big plans for the tuscaloosa.
    C. logic- if they had been active in Tuscaloosa and "hit the jackpot' , then why would they have just issued millions of shares at near all time lows for the stock. that would have been not only foolish, but also open them to serious legal action as I have outlined in other posts
    It is not unusual for stocks to have fluctuations as we have seen this week in the tug and war of short term trading. HK has , in its short history had more than its share of it. and drawing conclusions from them and attempting to project to the future has been an invalid practice,

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Who gives a damn about your view Value. You are a loser, an idiot, no one knows what the hell you are saying. I think you are a long brainless cheerleader but you contradict yourself every other sentence so who knows. Stop writing your garbage and if you have an opinion just base it on you cause you do NOT represent anyone other than yourself. Remember you are a NOBODY.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • HK hit 52-week low on September 30th starting from that time almost all posts by Valueman60 were highly negative questioning HK's ability to deliver current revenue and EPS projections and even trashing HK management credibility and ability ...

      No long with sane mindset would trash a stock when it hits 52-week low unless otherwise they have sold calls on the stocks they are holding and they would go ballistic if they have sold naked calls and the stock starts moving higher ... or just to steal stock from fellow longs at even cheaper price ... have seen clever jackals before ...

      Valueman60, to many on this board, you sound like someone who was long as HK crossed below $5/share and stayed there for a while, who eventually lost confidence inhis investment strategy in HK and then sold covered calls on HK long position ... As HK neared its 52-eweek low he probably even sold naked calls and is losing money for every penny move up by HK ... if that is true then he is probably like a WOLF in SHEEP SKIN (which only he would know for sure)...

    • The problem is nobody really knows who or what anybody is on here. We only have the words of their posts. We can only guess why somebody, who claims to have no skin in the game, would spend hours posting on a stock with no invested interest.
      The bottom line is anybody who gets on here, like you, claiming they have all the facts and has this stock figured out is suspect. If you knew so much and were such a wise investor, with no vested interest, you would be sipping martinis on your private island and travelling on your private jet. So the fact you are here, instead of on your private island tells me all I need to know. Unless you are an insider, everything you say is just as speculative as anybody else. You just take it personal when somebody calls you out on your claim to know it all about HK.
      I am long on HK and have no idea how long it will take to double and triple in price but believe it will happen, eventually. It could happen by the EOY report because anybody who claims they know how the market will react is a fool.I would hope that if some of the predictions people make come true you would be man enough to come on the board and admit it.

      BTW, I am a hold.

      Sentiment: Hold

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