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  • zoom_bee zoom_bee Nov 9, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    Top 10 IP's in ND _ HRC scores

    From Petroleumnews:
    Top 10 Bakken wells by IP rate

    HRC Operating (Halcon Resources)
    20915; Fort Berthold 150-94-3B-10-2H; Spotted Horn; McKenzie; 3,363 bbl

    Whiting Oil and Gas
    25732; Eide 41-13-2H; Timber Creek; McKenzie; 3,046 bbl

    Burlington Resources Oil and Gas (ConocoPhillips)
    25279; CCU William 24-20MBH; Corral Creek; Dunn; 2,966 bbl

    HRC Operating (Halcon Resources)
    23554; Fort Berthold 152-94-14D-11-4H; Antelope; McKenzie; 2,909 bbl

    Burlington Resources Oil and Gas (ConocoPhillips)
    24905; CCU Prairie Rose 31-30MBH; Corral Creek; Dunn; 2,846 bbl

    Oasis Petroleum
    24952; Leni 5693 42-11B; Alger; Mountrail; 2,765 bbl

    Burlington Resources Oil and Gas (ConocoPhillips)
    25278; CCU William 24-20TFH; Corral Creek; Dunn; 2,605 bbl

    Marathon Oil
    25101; Martin 31-14H; Reunion Bay; Mountrail; 2,566 bbl

    Statoil Oil and Gas
    Viking 16-15 2TFH; Poe; McKenzie; 2,521 bbl

    QEP Energy
    23094; MHA 2-06-05H-149-92; Heart Butte; Dunn; 2,512 bbl

    Note: This chart contains initial production rates, or IPs, from the adjacent IP chart
    for active wells that were filed as completed with the state of North Dakota from Oct.
    29–Nov. 4, 2013 in the Bakken petroleum system, as well as active wells that were
    released from tight- hole (confidential) status during the same period. The well operator’s
    name is on the upper line, followed by individual wells; the NDIC file number;
    well name; field; county; IP oil flow rate in barrels of oil.

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