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  • spartacusad Nov 23, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    Twohander44....just saw this...


    "That address is not even a house. It is a condo the size of
    my garage that would sell for around 430,000. Yeah you are a millionaire alright. You are a friggen joke there sparky.
    Who is going to fly down there to kick you back side when you are lying about it."

    My "condo" is worth way more than $430,000. Is your garage 3000 square feet? Here's how pathetic you are. Hypothetically, let's say it was worth $430,000. ( It's worth way more than that) That means my net worth isn't what I said it is? Why, because I don't need to have a huge house? I don't want a huge house, don't need it. I have had big houses..this is easy, the way I like it. All four of my cars are paid for. Two of them are classics. I have no debt. ZERO.

    I guess you're one of those guys who needs to show off to make up for his lack of self-esteem? Brand new car? Wife with tons of plastic surgery?

    As far as my back yard, try it again. There is a back yard...and Maple St. Boxing is right down the street.

    Now, shut the f@u-k up....I'm sick of listening to you.

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