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  • levie.barry levie.barry Jun 3, 2014 5:45 PM Flag

    We'll results

    Time frame?

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    • data in early June and we are getting there. Tucker what is this wait stuff? Is it for the other 5 wells.....

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    • I would not be surprised if HK is silent on TMS well results until next conference call in early August.... only news we may get before that is announcement of a Joint Venture in TMS. If JV is announced look for HK to add 2-3 more rigs in TMS.

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      • Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

        If they sit on this well for 2 months before they break their silence I will not be a happy camper.
        Like I said in a previous post there's no strategic value in pursuing a tight lipped policy when you can open up and make hay now.

        If you got it flaunt it ASAP and don't let the grass grow between yall's toes,GDP aint bashful as they understand the program.

        This well and the results there of will have a lot to say about the plays potential and development.

        Having said that how can HK JUSTIFY sitting on the results of one of the most highly anticipated TMS oil wells this side of the Mississippi ? aint the end all be all but suffice it to say the outcome is meaningful and there's plenty riding on the commercial success of this well,,shorts think it can't be done,why keep them waiting ? lets prove them wrong.

        Just complete the form and file it and be done with it,no room for dithering,we have hopefully big fish to fry,,big Louisiana light sweet oily fish !

        The consensus is HK will delay announcing results even though the well is flowing production hopefully in record rates but for 2 months ? I think there's more upside to announcing IP rates after frac and flowback in lieu waiting for a post announcement,only one chance to catch lightning in the bottle and that's when it strikes not two months after it strikes.Just ask GDP they seem to understand the concept.

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