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  • kozzfam kozzfam Sep 22, 2008 3:52 PM Flag


    Finally ruined this great country,it only took 8 years.(The Bush era).

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    • The short History:
      "W" was re-elected in 2004 and pushed S.Sec chg.
      someone with POWER blocked it.

      Who drove the car?
      Reid, Kennedy, Biden, H.Clinton,and that
      "I'm present " guy from Ill. (.. & Nancy)

      Wrote the bills inherited by the current admin?
      the above is 'Who Drove'
      Now lets get back to CREE on this board...53! ??

    • Obviously this is an alias of Barrack H. Obama, aka B-HO. Dems are finally realizing that it doesn't matter who drove in the ditch, Obama can't drive, doesn't know how to drive, and when he does get any traction, it's always in reverse. That is about as good as it is going to get for the B-HO admin, and for us if we don't kick these Marxists out of Washington, out of our State governments, out of our city governments and councils, and out of our neighborhoods!

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      • Economists warned that the stimulus wasn't nearly large enough, and that when it ran out of steam, Republicans would say it didn't work, and they'll blame Obama. When Republicans won't even cooperate in passing legislation to make funds available to community banks for lending to small businesses, just insisting on extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans (and growing the deficit), it looks pretty grim.

    • General Vermowitz
      Cotton Field 7
      Portland Maine

      DoE Inspector General
      U.S. Department of Energy
      1000 Independence Ave., SW
      Washington, DC 20585

      Mr. Inspector General,

      • My name is General Vermowitz, and I would like to bring to your attention the illegal and unethical business practices that have and are continuing to take place at Fncydansir Evil Enterprises Incorporated of Beverly Hills California.

      • I am a former Fncydansir Evil Enterprises employee that was fired unlawfully on August 23th 2010 from where I held the position of Director of Arson when.....


    • David deSerres
      100 Darby Creek Lane, Apt.115
      Morrisville, NC 27560

      DoE Inspector General
      U.S. Department of Energy
      1000 Independence Ave., SW
      Washington, DC 20585

      Mr. Inspector General,

      • My name is David deSerres, and I would like to bring to your attention the illegal and unethical business practices that have and are continuing to take place at Cree, Incorporated of Durham, NC who I believe is one of your sub-contractors.

      • I am a former employee of Cree, Inc. that was fired unlawfully on May 12th 2008 from Cree's Purchasing Department where I held the position of Buyer/Planner Level II in Cree's Solid State Lighting Division for over 1 1/2 years (December 11th 2005 - July 21st 2007).

      • On July 21st 2007 I was given responsibility for all Capital Equipment Negotiations and Acquisitions, and all MRO (maintenance, repair, and operating supplies).


    • Greenspan let the housing bubble happen. He was aware of it but he did not do anything.

    • Somebody said "Enough blame to go around-thats for sure!"

      Republicans blame the "liberals" for absolutely everything that goes wrong and take credit for everything that goes right. And surprise surprise, Democrats to the exact opposite.

      Newsflash for all of you idiots that actually believe one or the other party's political BS. Both of these groups have failed us miserably.

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      • "both groups have failed us miserably"-Your right nordistan. The radical left have hijacked the democratic party. I have lived long enough to see the change. It is startling. There is not even a place for a moderate voice like joe lieberman anymore. And unfortunatly the republicans have blinked these past years and gone along with the left to get re-elected. Although I think that they are now re-evaluating their positions given the loss of confidence of their conservative base. The RNC has lost a lot of money from the faithful this election.

        People have to make a choice-do they want more social engineering-more fed involvment in their daily lives-more wealth redistribution-more class warfare, a socialistic society/gvmnt.-where the constitution becomes irrevalent-that embraces the U.N. ? Or you can take a more moderate course with the other side of the "isle"-with somebody that believes in-& has defended the constitution. That believes in free markets with a min. of goverment intervention. There is risk with either choice--but a far left-inexperienced president, coupled with a far left congress scares the hell out of me. IMO this could be the next shoe to drop in a downward spiral of the U.S. We are probably headed their anyway-but why rush it?

    • Cree is holding up extremely well mr. market-all things considered. It looks like "benny" & father paulson will flood the world with dollars now. Those coming auctions look huge! I'm suprised gold is not up at least $100!! This huge money expansion should get the economy rolling given a little time. It will also get inflation rolling-not a doubt in my mind. I'm Probably nuts, but bought some steel today. Also closed my BAC puts I just bought Fri.-skinned about 25% profit, Nothing to write home about, but we could be setting up for a dead cat bounce, using the house vote today as an excuse. Not a prediction-but ANYTHING is possible with this manic market. Expect the unexpected!!!

      At any rate, ALL cree longs have a lot to be thankful for-at least up to this point. Lets hope that in the worst case, all cree does is drift into the 24's during the next few weeks. Best case we get a strong "dead cat" bounce-with cree up 3-4points intraday. I have an uneasy feeling though that the election will keep a cap on any rally. Have a good one market.

    • Totally absurd post....

    • Stimulus package did not pass,wallstreet bailout package did not pass,market holds up well.Credit is dead.Cash N Carry is around the corner.Cree is not holding up as well as the market but better than Rimm

    • The stimulus packages (first and potential second) are BOTH naked pandering of the very highest order.

      Welfare checks intended to buy votes...nothing more. You can see the immense impact that the first one has reaped...right? riiiiggggghhhhhtttt

      It's total BS under any circumstances, but you gotta wonder how Pelosi walks up to the President at the beginning of a meeting on the most dire economic crisis in the United States since the Depression and says...oh by the way the Dems. want to hand out more cash.

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