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  • n59218 n59218 Apr 23, 2013 5:41 PM Flag

    $90 target == institutions big block buys

    they are not interested in selling any at these levels ... that's why you see big-green blocks on L2. Won't be surprised if we see a few upgrades and raising of the target now. Tremendous revenue growth and momentum intact. Market cap is so small, that the entire float can be gobbled by one sneeze by Big Ben!
    LoL! :-)

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    • Honestly and repectfully speaking, you still need to learn how to invest. Look at the chart, major traders stopped pushing the stock higher since Mar 22nd (actually they sold for good profits, because the stock was too EXPENSIVE!)
      This is a good company with good future, but just like Apple, nothing is gonna keep rising and rising with no continuous tremendous news! The CC was good honestly but not great, this is the reason why it dropped and will continue to drop several days after tomorrow, to at least 50ish , most likely to 45ish where i suggest you load up again and wait for new highs. You agree?

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      • Who do you think has been pushing it up for the last two weeks? The retail guy with 100 shares. It certainly wasnt major traders pushing it down after hours since there was 1 decent sized trade with scores of puny ones. Apple didnt fall simply because the stock price got to high it fell because of growth concerns. There arent growth concerns here, quite the contrary. I like the friendly helpful guy short routine, but nobody is buying it.

    • U r right. 14 mil shorts to cover.

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    • They'll be marching towards this target ... watch and learn!

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      • As the CEO mentioned: "... an estimated 5 billion bulbs could be replaced ..." ... for that growth-rate, the valuation is just too cheap here. In fact, (hypothetically analyzing), it might be just cheaper for HD or the likes, to outright buy the company and pocket all the future moola, rather than keep on sharing so much profits with CREE. And most Chinese and Japanese big-boys know this ... hence, they may take this co. out at a premium like this!

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